Rose Safe Jumps/ O.S



So I’m trying to use O.S’s and safejumps more. I’ve got the O.S’s down consistently, but I’m having trouble with the safejumps.

This is what I have now:

Backthrow> Crouch (as visual cue, jump right after she crouches)> J.HP
Sweep > Slight Pause (couldn’t find a visual cue) > J.HP
Soul Throw > s.MP whiff > J.HP

I can only get the safejumps around 50% of the time. Any tips?

P.S. Is it possible to safejump while O.S’ing EX Spiral? Or is it impossible to block because of the 236 input? When I O.S sweep I can block reversals, but I’ve never had success blocking while O.S EX Spiral.

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i’m confused. why to you 'll need blocking ?
either you have hit. ( and can continue or not the pressing) or they have done something invulnerable, in which case your os trigger and you start an ex spiral.

when do you want to block ? which move?


I’m not understanding what you’re saying. You can O/S EX Spiral by j.hp input ex spiral. If the opponent blocks ex spiral doesn’t come out, if the opponent backdashes, exspiral comes out, and some character specifics like it will go through EX Messiah Kicks, Cannon Spikes, but you cannot safejump 3frame DPS (Ken, Akuma, Ryu etc).

You just have to practice the timing for safe jumps. Like you do it as they are standing up for a correct safejump.

OH I THINK I SEE WHAT YOU MEAN. You’re saying that you can do a safe jump O/S sweep and crouch block asap. But you’re saying that you can’t block when you do EX Spiral? You can block when you do EX Spiral. Input it early and start blocking. Same thing will happen. If opponent blocks, no spiral, if opponent backdashes, there is spiral, if an opponent attacks the j. hp will hit, if the opponent does something invincible spiral comes out and gets out of the way for the most part.

You can do this with U1 as well. It will beat most of all options :). There are very few things that beat it.

And you can do it with Rose’s U2, but I’m not very good at doing the O/S U2. but some people are, I’m not tho ahha.


Yes. I know that against 5f reversals, you can do this by doing 2364+kk for EX Spiral. If they backdash the safejump, you’ll get your EX Spiral. If they reversal, you’ll be blocking it.

As for timing tricks/cues for safe jumps, I don’t of any. Soul Throw safe jump timings will vary though depending on height, so if you’re missing it sometimes, that could be a factor.


Thanks for these. I’m just going in with Rose now and I was wondering what she had for OS’s. Does anyone have any more than what the thread starter posted? And about those, is it possible to land the safe jump as a crossup in the corner and have it work fine? And if crossing up, which direction would you input the EX Spiral? If crossing up from P1 side to P2 side, we’ll say.

Rose or DBC: do you know any other setups into safejumps?


you can safe jump every time you land HP Soul Reflect knockdown. (like in a combo or meaty?) :sweat: (if they quick stand obviously)

almost automatic. you just need a tiny pause then jump hp.

backthrow, walk, cl.hp, hp reflect, tiny pause, jump hp (safe) OS sweep.



Tip for the safe jump timing on sweep: I watch for when the opponent stops wiggling, then I jump. This method works decently for me, but I just started using safe jumps. I find it’s a good tell on any untech knockdown, actually.


Sakonoko is the master of safe jump. This thread need video about him i think to illiustrate
Last month he was safe jumping all day in a tournament in swizerland. He has even safe jump for situation when your opponent quickstand or not after soul spiral, etc


After seeing that video about option selecting frame traps (Link if anyone missed it) that was on the media page not too long ago, I went into the lab to see what i could come up with. I mainly focused on the > cr.hp frametrap because it’s the frametrap that seems to be most prone to trading.

I tried a few things: ultra 1, ultra 2 > combo, and xx EX drill. The good news is Rose can option select using the xx EX drill and it’s pretty easy. You just input the xx EX drill right after you cancel your cr.hp into a fireball. Gets some pretty decent damage for 1 bar and gives you the knockdown and can be performed anywhere on screen. Also, against certain characters you can omit the EX part and just link a normal drill.

Bad news is this is the only one I could find that worked, ultra 1 started up too slow, you can option select ultra 2, but the 7 recovery frames means you can’t link anything afterwards (however this could change in 2012, though i haven’t put much thought into it).

Sorry if the description is hard to follow, I would put up a vid but my only means of recording is my blackberry, so the quality would be awful.


I made a little safe jump video to help your timing a bit.



Is this for safe jump OS only or OS in general?

Anyway, I was thinking about Louffy’s XX ex.spiral OS last night, and I realised that it’s actually super easy with priority buttons and negative edge!

It just goes like this (hold both buttons), qcf (release both buttons with cancel timing).

The idea is that you use it just out of range (around max range), so that if your opponent sticks out a poke or walks forward, you nail them with XX ex.spiral. If the whiffs, you’re pretty safe.

So easy, so effective.


I do that without negative edge and just push lk-mk :wink:


Another safe jump I know of after Soul Throw is forward dash, nj.HP.


I came up with two safe-jump setups tonight.

After a Super: whiff MP Soul Throw, whiff cr.MP then do j.HP.

After LK Spiral (no quick-rise): walk back slightly, whiff st.LP, whiff st.LK then do j.HP.


Your setups look interesting but to how many frames do you evaluate your walk back slightly?
Also Far St.lp + Far = 31 frames
So maybe you could use one of the following to get a better timing ?
Soul piede = 33 frames
Cr.HK = 36 frames
C.hp = 37 frames


Well, I use the walk back to confirm whether they tech or not, though that makes the safe-jump itself trickier to time. If they quick rise, I do a max-ranged HK Spiral and if they don’t I do my safe-jump setup.


I saw talk of a few anti-auto correct setups i found a few with super but it was so situational that it was kind of useless, anyone know of any before i jump into the lab?


please go ahead