Rose SSFIV 2012: Apology Edition Changes

Soul Spark meter gain returned to 20->30
Soul Satellite’s startup frames from 7 to 5
Soul Piede changed to Vanilla properties
New changes:
Close standing MK +4 on hit, making it easier to combo into crouching jab, as well as making it possible to combo into
Fixed some bug with crouching mk counterhits.

I for one welcome the old soul piede. thoughts?

just curious, how was soul piede in vanilla? i started playing late super. i am assuming it is better, but whats the difference?

longer range, + on block i think

yeh i’m a bit pissed at now damage increase of soul spiral or fixed invincibility.

@gilbert it was just better, i’m tryna find the changes from vanilla to super to get exactly what they changed

so far loving these changes to rose. I miss piede from vanilla, that move was great for stuffing lariat spammers and jump ins.

Meter gain is good, glad thats back.

U2 will need to be tested, even if its faster now, is the hit boxes still small?

s MK is godly, gonna see what she can do with that now.

What bug was on the cr mk?

you know what that close being +4 on hit mean. you can link and on counter hit you can link c.hp.

so in the corner>c.hp>ex soul spark>rape, midscreen you can do>>soul spark>fadc.

i like the changes so far. i think all she needs now is more invincibility on soul spiral and i’ll be happy

I loooove the close change. That is (abusably) awesome lol

The bug on is that when it trades with something else, only Rose would get hit with the counter-hit damage.

I’m with you saqs. that is my favourite change so far. but they still haven’t fix soul spirals

Not all that i hoped for, but these changes will definitely do. Capcom’s been doing very well with the numerous changes to all the characters. Certain characters that have questionable buffs for 2012 are Ken and Zangief =/ and dumb nerfs to Akuma. Other than that, this might be the most balanced version to date. :smiley:

+4 on Shenanigans everywhere.

Loving these buffs.
Except, I was also hoping for invincibility on EX Drill.

I think drill is EX Drill is fine right now.

Would of been happy to see a health boost, but im content.

And nah, I welcome Akuma nerfs anyday :]

EX drill was and still is her only REAL glaring problem. Everything else is still just fluff.

I’m good with this.

Just don’t nerf anything else and this list is really good.

sc. mk buff is actually getting me pretty excited. Hopefully they fixed it so it hits against yun’s cr. short. That would be real stupid if it still whiff’s on yun’s cr. techs.
Can somebody elaborate on the soul piede buff? How good was the move in the first place? Was it better than st. rh? Just as good? Little bit worse? Cause st. rh is still one of rose’s best pokes from mid range.

piede had more range than st. rh.

Someone correct my ass if this is wrong.

Piede has more range than st. hk in its current form… It had even more range than that.

are you sure? why did everyone stop using it then? I thought the hitbox was decreased from vanilla to super, which is why everyone dropped it.

It was decreased, but it still has more range than st. hk. We didn’t stop using it, just not as much… It went from a good move to a decent move.