Rose SSFIV 2012: Apology Edition Changes

Add me I would like some fights if you wanna play.

I hope there is something to find for Rose.

mb reflect u1 ?

Okay, I actually tested it out with Super.

cr.HP xx MP Soul Spark FADC cr.HP xx HP Soul Reflect, Soul Satellite (2 hits), Soul Throw = 479
cr.HP xx MP Soul Spark FADC Soul Satellite (2 hits), cr.HP xx HP Soul Reflect, Soul Throw = 497

Not too much of a difference, but I do find the Soul Satellite link a lot easier, and FADCing into Soul Satellite lets you walk them into the corner instead of needing to be in the corner. You can do it from about 40% of the screen away.

Interesting note, though. If you activate Soul Satellite when they’re in the corner, the 2nd orb is blockable, so you need to do cr.HP after the first orb hits, which makes the damage 485. You can stay still in order to avoid this, though. I think it only happens if you’re walking forward.

If you activate Soul Satellite in the corner you can do custom links or combos thanks to the 2 orbs:

  • U2, Cl.HK, Cr.HP, S.Reflect HP Soul Throw
  • U2, Cr.HP, S.Spark HP, Cr.HP, S.Reflect HP, Soul Throw

Anywhere in the screen, you can do:

  • U2, Slide, Cr.HP or Cr.MP, S.Spiral
  • U2, Cl.HK, Cr.MP, EX S.Spiral

How many characters had a 1frame bnb that requires meter to complete and still did the same damage the un-metered version would do, if the hitboxes or frame data allowed the combo to work like it should in the first place. Thats like saying you got a cupcake without icing while everybody elsing got a cupcake with icing and then someone put shit on top of your cupcake and said, hey at least you got a topping.

Because adjusting the hitboxes or frame data would have just completely broke the games balance. Though Im not saying that i would have been fine with just that buff because I honsetly wouldnt be. How come Rose players have to settle for BS adjustments and Buffs? But if you honestly see 20 damage on ex.SSpiral as being a better buff than a un-metered Bnb then I guess you are on a whole other optimistic lvl then me. Enjoy your shitty Cupcake sir!

Played some v2012 with rose yesterday, been playing blanka (my main) past few days

although on the patch notes the buffs doesn’t seem that significant and isn’t exactly game changing however i do feel she is much better. Particularly I do feel gaining meters is faster than before and buff does make c.LP connecting much easier (yes I know I can do now). I played around with f+Hk it will be anadditional tool for her footsie game

although I’m basically repeating the patch notes more or less but until you actually try it out you’ll see the new rose does feel stronger. I just feel people are complaining a bit too much before they even try it out. Most characters their patch notes might seem really long and seems like they gotten lots of buffs but infact the stuffed that’s been change isn’t that usable in the first place and not that significant.

It’s always easier to complain go to any character forum you’ll have more whiners than anything but they are usually the same players that instead of spending time to improve will just want to blame the system for losing


Only a matter of time! I feel as if i’ll be playing the same with Rose like i have before + additional meter usage here and there. Really curious to see how my prior matchups changed for the better or worse.

I dont think people should complain. If you really like your character you will play the way she is with what she has. Nobody will point you if you change characters. Just play who you like and accept the strength and flaws of your character.

I’m pretty much hyped for v2012 Rose. Ca. 10 Hours and I can play my better Rose <3

I’m definitely looking forward to playing the improved Rose as well as the improved Juri, Cammy and Honda. Lots of training stage time in my near future, methinks. :razzy:

What time will ps3 users in the US get it? Will we have to wait til the psn updates tomorrow afternoon? I am REALLY looking forward to getting my Soul Piede back, loved that move back in Vanilla.

i’ve never really used Soul Piede, when is it meant to be used?

actually i use it against gief

im hearing 12 am midnight EST :slight_smile:

I just use it to keep people on their toes, really. It’s really annoying to get hit by it lol. I think this will improve the gief matchup even more, because it stuffs lariat and keeps him away. Also, you can use it as preemptive antiair.

Yeh that’s my only usage of it when he lariats, sometimes it trades though

i use it for empty jumps over fireballs, and prolly now as my go to option for long range poking

soul piede is also used to go against back dash.


Option select Soul Piede should work properly now