Rose subforum organization poll

Ok. As we all know, the Rose subforum is kind of a mess.

I can kind of take some of the blame for that, since I decided to make a megathread with spoiler tags and never really updated it.

I can make excuses, but it just got tedious.

But it occured to me… why even bother having a Rose SUB-FORUM if all of the posts go into one or two threads?

So I recommend having one thread per matchup. That’s 35 threads (at max), which barely goes to Page 2.

Stickies will go to general discussion, combos, videos, storyline, costumes, Etc.

Also, it’ll be highly recommended that videos depicting a particular matchup… go INSIDE the matchup threads, preferably collected on the intial post.

Also, because we live in the US, and Super SF4 is still the standard, that will be the standard in the forum. Posts about certain matchups in AE should be denoted (Arcade Edition) as such and put in the corresponding character threads.

Other options will be either to leave it as is and work harder at the existing system, or put forth an additional suggestion.

I like the idea of having one thread per match-up, rather than have all the match-up discussions consolidated in one single thread. By having separate threads, it is less likely that someone will ask a question that was answered nearly 10 pages ago in a 50-page thread for example. It makes it a lot more organized as well, so I’m all for that option.

^ What he said. It can be beyond tedious having to surf through 50+ pages. It makes it a lot easier and more organized having character-specific threads IMO. My only question is though: will the thread starters be required to update the first post with info? Or will that be unnecessary since the threads will be smaller?

Let me recommend a slightly better third option. I just got done doing some minor cleaning and updating at the Fei Long sub-board and they are utilizing a great in-between method. Instead of 30+ separate character threads (which imo is really ridiculous, partially not helped by IV’s insane character count), they break it down to more manageable chunks. 5-ish character match ups per thread. You still have multiple match ups being discussed but it’s much more focused than the super thread method, while turning a 37 thread mess-a-thon into 7-8 manageable bites.

I really, really don’t like the 37 individual thread style, which I think we all know by now. I do, however, see why the mega thread style is becoming a problem (again, thanks to the insanely large roster).

If you do a few characters per thread, how do you group them? If Rose follows a similar strategy against them? Her hardest matchups grouped together? Alphabetical?

I like Sosage’s idea. Though there’s many ways to go about it. Alphabetical would be the “ideal” way since you’ll have different people not thinking certain matchups aren’t bad and possibly causing more off topic talk in a thread meant to help improve those matches overall.

I forgot to mention, even though it’s obvious, this style has one sticky that acts as a directory.

I’d recommend alphabetical just to keep it simple. Otherwise you’re prolonging organizing the information while arguing over which match ups should be together.

So I’m guessing this isn’t happening.

I was wondering the same thing, are we going to start this process soon?

i think it’s fine if just we update the original post, btw i like it also now

Hijacking this thread!

Hi guys I can start doing this for you if you wish. Sosage’s idea that is. :sweat:

Let me know if thats what you still want. Also let me know if you want any first posts on other threads updated.
Tell me what needs to be closed/merged/deleted/stickied etc. I now have mod powers and I’ve just finished some work in the Sakura forum so I decided to come to Rose next since she is my go to character when I use my fightstick. Luv Rose :tup:

I’ll be needing links guys.

Alright guys I’m leaving this section. If you need anything let JoontheBaboon know about it. Just send a PM :tup: