Rose USF4 change list discussion



Because we do much more chip damage than ryu. Ours also armor breaks!

Is this a valid reason ? not in my opinion. Rose is suppose to be strong at mid range. Make her scary at mid range and make people think twice when focusing against her.


I would like to have a word from you guys.

Apparently Filipinoman talked to combofiend
Combofiend said there is 2 possibilities for us regarding the fate of EX Spiral

We either have
EX spiral: Startup 13F, 11F invincibility for strike/fireball/throw
EX spiral: Startup 13F, 13F(or maybe more?) invincibility for strike/fireball. Throw vulnerable from the start.

Which one is better ?


i think i lose out to more strikes and fireballs then a throw on ex spiral.

cause nothing sucks more then not getting thru a fb or getting hit with a low on ex spiral.


same. im not a top rose player, but ive rarely if ever been thrown out, but ive always been poked out of EX .


Seem like they have finally tried to advance rose which i am glad to see, but at same time i think they are being too cautious with her buffs. These are few things i think they could have done differently.

Reduce the damage on lp. to 20 or 25
Reduce the damage on cr.Mp to 60
Make mk.SSpiral start up 13

I left the buff to alone since it more important in footsies than cr.lp and it plays an equally important role in rose’s combos.

Take the 15~20 damage points and put them on mk. and hk.SSpirals. This would give a better purpose to each strength of SSpiral and increase roses overall damage in combos and Footsies as long as she is canceling to SSpirals. The +10 damage to lk. SSPirals will help with smaller combos and its the Faster FA breaker. Mk has more range,damage and work with combo lk. can’t reach. Hk.SSpirals is solid punish and FADC option for good damage.
Mk.would be 120
Hk. would be 130
Ex. should either remain 13 start up 13 invulnerable frames or 11 start up and 11 invulnerable frames.

lp.SSpark 13 start up and 50 recovery so it would be -10 and -6
mp.SSpark 18 start up and 50 recovery so it would be -2 and +2
Hp.SSpark 24~25 start up

SSparks would be better with slightly altered start ups. This changes would allow lp.SSparks to combo and should be a better block string. Mp would only pseudo combo but with conditioning it would allow for safer block stings than lp and when combo’d from a Hp it would setup frame traps. HP.SSprak is similar in idea its setup frame traps but it would differ with the potential to setup frame traps on hit or block which could grant rose some good pressure in the corner. This also just makes her Projectile game slightly better with more usefulness to her varied speeds on SSparks. 5 start up and +4 on hit reduced hurt box
Fr.Mp 5 start up and 4 active frames damage reduced to 55
Fr.Hp larger hit box to .3
Cr.Hk returned to -3 on block more hitstun

These changes improve some of roses combo potential and Footsies but not in a over powering way. would be more useful with improved speed and the possible combo to Far. Mp would work as a good meaty and poke. Far hp hit box improvements would add a great tool to Rose’s footsies game because for what it lacks in speed it would make up with in safety since rose’s hurt box is less vulnerable with this poke compared to the faster and stronger Cr.Hk is good move but with its range there is no way its going to be made significantly faster, instead i feel the safety of the Sf4 version could be returned to make it better a tool that still has a weakness to FA’s. The buff to hit stun improves on the one of roses strongest points her cross up so rose can open people up and capitalize with less fear of being dp’d on hit.

Improve her FA more range, -3 on block for lvl.1,+3 on block lvl.2
Ultra 1 decrease the start up on the second hit box by 3
Ultra 2 +3 hit/block, +25stun on each orb,
Damage increase from lp.SReflect added to both orbs in Ultra2.

With the new FA mechanic’s of Red FA, this seem like a good time to fix rose’s FA. Lv.1 is -3 so it’s still vulnerable to punishment from 3 frame dp’s, lp and throws. Lv.2 gives frame advantage allowing rose to setup pressure. The changes to Ultra 1 make it a better part of Rose’s arsenal especially in the anti fireball department with the start up buff to both hit boxes making it much more valuable. U2 Buffs are mostly utility based, the increased block and hit stun add better combo opportunity and higher chance of stunning a opponent. The boosted damage from absorbing projectiles applied to both orbs grants a decent damage boost to U2 so long as rose doesn’t use the boost on her other projectiles. This would alter the players choices and rose’s play style which in self acts to balance the mechanic to the increased damage. (also no projectile=no boost, so all non projectile characters leave this buff inactive.)


I would go with the first one. The second option seems good but I think in the long run that option won’t be any good because people will just start baiting her reversals just to throw rose and make her lose meter. (Is there any videos of mods for this?)


EX SS should be invulnerable, safe on block, and combo into U1. Coz’ that’s a thing now apparently ;p.


watched the dream hack stream today and one comment combofied said that rose was one of the finished characters. So at one point when im sure they show the archive, he’s talking to a co host about characters he thinks are finished and doesn’t need anymore buffs, rose was the first char he mentioned.

only saw one player use rose on the stream fighting a ken and didn’t go so well for her. so didn’t see anything in action just getting bodied by kens buffs.

i know the testing has a long way to go, but this weekend seems to be crazy buffs on a lot of the cast that gave rose issues before and might be even worse. I just hope the match up between rose and Rog are balanced more cause he seemed beastly. hope rose players get the feedback in for capcom.


I think rose does need a little more buffs after looking at some of those changes. One of those changes is to just give the damn woman a freakin reversal that is viable.

I don’t understand some of these changes to be honest. Like balrogs light dash punch. I mean its already -3 on block. Why make it -1?


I like new Ultra Rose…maybe a little more buffs for reflect.


why dont they make it a littlebit easier to combo with her? not balrog easy but just a tab bit easier so that us pad players wont have such a tough time using her


i think they want a risk vs reward for her since she can do a 2 hit knock down/focus braker with ease. Which is fine for me, just would like her reflects to be more useful. Would love to see ex reflect lp mp as low reflect and a mp hp high ex reflect. something to mix up, Hell even a lp hp split like gouken.


Maybe absorbing projectiles gets you a full bar of meter instead of half of one? Damage increase on hit?


Reflect for projectiles are ok…(but i’m agree with mp hp hight ex reflect)…

I think about reflects in combo…(little more damage , hit box, priority and/or safer in block).
And i would like a strong EX reflect (more damage , juggle something everywhere…).


Rose shouldn’t really need to be able to combo more easily. Its muscle memory. For a character that isn’t really suppose to be in the opponents face, I don’t think it should matter.

After toying a bit with USF4 Rose (modded tho on PC tho. No locktest for me :[ ) I think that what she really just need is LP Spark recovery reduced, adjust the speed of her focus attack and 2nd hitbox of U1 comes out 2F faster.

I would also go with the USF4 version of the EX spiral. She’s a monster with this at midscreen. You can’t throw fireballs at she goes trough it very easily. I think it’s a fair trade to make it throwable. I’m just worried about her matches against grapplers. Hell I will just use Oni against them I guess


Long as St MK still gives abel and others issues when trying to grab I’m ok, but wondering what the changes to that do on able waking up trying to grab, cause as of now he wiffs every time with rose st mk.


i guess we would have to use against grapplers, and if poison is decent i’ll be using her even if she is bad.

#38 as a wakeup move ? XD


Not on wake up I mean if im stuck in the corner i’ll be using that to keep from getting thrown XD


Close st. mk is throw invincible, it doesn’t matter what they do to the hitbox on it.