Rose USF4 change list discussion



yeah but its character specific. EX spiral hits on everyone. For normal spiral its space/character dependent


Oh yeah I know, that’s fine though. Doing that combo into super is pointless anyways, the added scaling from the reflect makes the damage increase marginal if any. EX SS is exactly what you would want to combo into, since it gives you a one meter punish that does 254/460 damage/stun. Means people actually have some reason to be worried about getting hit by Rose now.


@Sh0guni‌ can you test if stuff that works on the PC Mod works in the actual game? I want to know if stuff I’m playing around with in the mod is legit.


Really digging the definitive definitive definitive (until USFIV v2015 , of course) Rose. Spiral Juggle is awesome.


Rose has always been able to do EX spark FADC into U1 for more damage at any range, so there’s no point to that combo. Red focus in general isn’t going to be of much use to her, which is fine.

And on a technical note, the PC mod is not accurate for Rose, because you can’t hit a red focus cancel from cl. hk (or any of her normals I believe), which was clearly done in her official change video. But she has no reason to ever actually do that anyways, so whatever.


Any damage estimate on the stHP RFADC Ultra 2 > stHP xx HP Soul Reflect > EX Spiral?

Looks pretty but the damage and health bars werent visible and just wondering if it’s a viable combo or just for show


Tried to test, but sr.HP, Red Focus doesn’t combo in the mod for AEPC.


The PC mod doesn’t have the SS juggle either, but that was trivial to add.

Just checked and you CAN combo from a CH HP into red-focus in the pc mod, so calculating out the CH damage bonus it does 422/520 damage/stun (although I think some of the RFADC numbers are slightly off). For comparison’s sake you can simply do st.hp xx spark FADC U2 (walk forward for both hits) > st. hp xx hp reflect > EX SS and it did 475/470 damage/stun for a meter less (or 469/500 if you hit the hp between the orbs, which is harder to time right). Didn’t use st. hk til I remembered I could forward dash to not get soul piede, durp. So optimal punish for using U2 like that is st. hk xx spark FADC U2 > forward dash > st. hk xx hp reflect > EX SS for 485/500, for one less meter than RFADC (or 505/550 with EX spark). I don’t think you’re ever in range for a reflect followup if you use mk slide after the U2 at midscreen.

Also st. hp(or hk) xx spark FADC st. hp xx HP reflect > EX SS is a new combo now that does 355(365)/600. Relevant because cr. hp is 10 more damage but 50 less stun than st. hp, which used to be the best option off FADC.

Also not likely to ever land it, but ch st. hk > cr. hp xx EX spark FADC st. hp xx hp reflect > EX SS did 463/780, lol. I think that’s max stun other than a CH jump in HK into st.hp/, which would be 50 more stun.


My biggest problem will be to stop using EX Spiral as a way to stop pressure or throws. That usually worked pretty well, it only lose to people who block.
And against real smart players who use quick meaties or delayed throws/attacks with long actions frames. But I did not meet that many so I was pretty happy with the slow and unreliable reversal she had.

Guess I’ll tech and backdash even more


I can mod my own USF4 I will do it


Red Focus Cancel is 100% totally useless with Rose.

Why would you ever do it? She already can combo C.HP or Ultra 2 from Jab Spark FADCs…

She can already EX Spark FADC Ultra 1…

Or in the corner EX Spark xx FA Level 2 for crumple…

Each of those are easier to combo into than her focus…

Esp now that you can C.LK, C.MP, (or CS.MK, C.MP) xx Jab Spark, FADC, Fierce, Reflect, Spiral.

The buff to EX spiral in footsies >>>>>> being able to use it to reversal throws.


Updated the OP with latest data


Found it interesting that you could do f:hk: under Elena’s :hk: rhino horn


Went 1000+ pp/bp with 90% win rate in 2 hours. She is good.
Noticed that not a lot of people use the new features yet, and was very happy that no good players used Rolento because I don’t know how to punish.

Also incidentally hit someone in the air with a fireball, then juggle with a normal. Is this new?



I thought they fixed this!? D:


Nah I noticed that as well. Not much has really changed with her in my opinion. The damage boost and the dash recovery seem to be the biggest changes.


video ? or can you tell me exactly what you did ?


Damage boost is good, the extra stun on EX drill is great.
Her FADC combos are actually a lot more interesting now due to them being easier and more damaging. You can go into cr.hp xx drill after FADC without it being a one frame-link. This hurts big time. When using U1 it also becomes a good option to do EX spark FADC U1, its actually quite easy now.

Her cr.hp xx reflect into ex spiral is also a great punish with good stun, using a single meter. In the corner however I prefer reflect into ST as it is free and you can crossup anyway after it


I hope it wasn’t a fluke or misunderstanding but I recall hitting them during their jump with spark and then juggling them with some medium kick.
I checked whether fireball itself now has more juggle potential (hp reflect into fireball at the corner) but that is not the case (EX fireball can but is not damaging at all)

Could be a counterhit thing, like deejays fierce punch causing juggles when used as antiair

EDIT: was probably a post-KO hit


I absolutely love using UW with Rose.
I haven’t actually needed to use U1 yet, but I did already use U2 to save myself against a Hugo who had me cornered. Without UW I would have gone with U1 and would have been rather helpless in that situation.