Rose vs Blanka

I’m basically free to Blanka. I don’t know how to approach, don’t know how to defend, don’t know how to do anything.

No pressure on wakeup - electricity deals with crossups and everything else.

Balls are basically unpunishable without reversal U1. Ex.ball goes through sparks so yer screwed. Ball beats slide,, and I don’t have good enough reactions to jab him out of it, either. And so what if I do, he gets lucky once = 5 jabs or something.

Slide is safe and sets up tons of stuff. When in doubt, ball - nothing I can do. Jumps are so fast I can’t c.hp them reliably. Get hit twice, and I’m pretty much done - he can sit on his lead and ball me to death.

What is the plan? I have no idea.

Well, just wait till AE that comes out in a few hours, but I can rundown the match for you if you really want. This is one of the matches that kinda changed in AE :confused:

Did it really? All I can think of is that they’ll have to jab ball to be safe instead of full screen ball. Does EX still go full screen with long bounce? The only thing I could think of that really changed were the balls.

I haven’t played any Blankas in AE but I can’t imagine it’ll be that different - tips would be much appreciated.

You can’t take the initiative in this matchup. All you can do is walk forward and hold downback right away. Push him to the corner. Anything either player does is punishable by the opposite so it becomes a stupid waiting game. Expect a slide once you get close enough. That alone leads to plenty of free punish after you block it. After that, learn to punish balls with stand jab and crouch jab in the training room. In AE, this match becomes a lot easier because you can punish blanka balls with spiral on stand block.

Three things to remember:

  1. Just walk back and forth, slowly pushing forward while stand/crouch blocking.
  2. You don’t have a fireball. At all. Maybe full screen? But in that case you should be pushing him towards the corner instead.
  3. Play the clock. Patience > Aggression. Why throw anything out and risk getting punished? The only thing you should be throwing out is whiff normals(light attacks).

I think in some cases pre-AE depending on strength of ball you could reversal Ultra 1 ball on block, but now in AE that’s a given I think with every level of ball on block. So I think generally U1 is also probably the superior choice in the matchup, just adding to all the great stuff Jason was saying.

Post AE, you can reversal all blocked balls granted you blocked them standing. (can’t punish crouching)

This match in super was pretty much chess. Stay midscreen just out of slide reach and just pester him with fireballs. If he’s doing random balls, either block or the ball. If you have meter and don’t mind wasting a super, you can punish with super.

Rainbow ball? Block/Focus then do whatever you want to punish. (Soul throw, Super, Ultra)

If he does random U1? You can EX soul throw if you’re at the right distance (once he pops in the air.) Or do U1.

He Does U2? If you’re mid screen, jump the first then Ultra 1. No U1? jump, then slide. If you’re full screen, jump forward then slide.

No clue how it goes in AE but I assume random balls isn’t much to worry about now.

To add on; you can crouch punish all HP balls with soul piede, hk, sweep, whatever. while standing and you block hp ball, you can do whatever, walk up cr. strong spiral, yep.

With the medium ball, you can punish standing up by walking a little forward and doing a sweep.

you can’t punish light ball and EX ball can be punished with U1.

All of them can be punished with U1 actually :slight_smile:

do you still have to stand block balls to punish with u1? i cant test right now…

I know for sure you don’t have to with medium or heavy lol

I actually throw fireballs at blanka if there was enough space for me to react like u1 or def and constantly watch for his meter.