Rose vs Dhalsim



I find that my matchups against Dhalsim is very low, like 12.5% terribad, almost as bad vs. Dictator (9.8%).

Would like to know any general strategies against his specific attack setups. I’m at the point where I really don’t feel I know what to do against him since he tends to control range more than anything else.

I feel like even after playing SF for about a year now with about 1000 matches, I still don’t have a clue how to approach this matchup. Any feedback would be really helpful.

LP Yoga FireHow do you respond to his LP fireball? I never really find it that safe to absorb since he has hit me afterwards. Reflecting it seems to work fine, except he usually jumps that can can hit me from long range.

The People’s Knee: Have a hard time jumping in on him - is there a way to counter this reliably?

**Runaway Fighter IV **- I’m going to assume here that just about every Dhalsim refuses to let you in medium or close, so how do you get around his long range normals or the back-teleport (assuming I can’t react to it)?


dash forward with a quick absorb reflect.


whatever that knee is they will beat you almost every time. the hit box is retarded huge on it. cross ups can still work, but getting in that position is easier said than done vs sim.

i have lots of trouble vs good sims and i usually end up getting really frustrated and throw the match away by messing up simple things when i had the opportunity to end the match. hes just that type of character, which is why hes such a good character.

what i try and do vs sim is try to push him into the corner and keep him there, or bait him to try and escape and punish his attempt. but sim becomes very easy if you can keep him in the corner.

overall hes one of those guys you have to play 10x more patient against. you know what hes going to do, so just keep that in mind when youre advancing on him. watch for jump fierce and all the typical things he does. once you get in on him you can get a life lead, then go chill back in the corner and force him to come to you…which is basically sim’s weakness.

there is a decent write up on this match up in the match-up thread. the “in the cards” not the old one. right at the beginning open up the dhalsim box for some good advice on this.



Most sims tend to throw allot of yoga fires when there about full screen. I try to absorb as much as i can. This gives me just the advantage i need. If they bait i start my game with ex sparks and use them to come in.


One thing I’ve noticed with Rose, is that if he does the arm stretch thing, I reflected it, and the arms hit Sim.

Though this was in A3, not sure if it’ll be the same in SSFIV.


At mid-screen and full screen your medium soul reflect will hit his stretchy arms if timed right. If you hit the medium soul reflect (Even from full screen) and buffer in the super it will ALL combo.

Against good Sims at the right range he can just standing lk you to death but from that range try to hit EX soul spiral and get the knockdown and get to work.


Against sim I’ve found reflecting generally isnt a good idea. If he’s throwing FBs throw your own, and lp reflect to build meter. Ex sparks go good too. But be careful not to get in a proper fb with him cos he can punish with teleport > combo.

As mentioned before you have to be patient. Walk him to the corner, with FBs. Figure out his patterns and a quick fa dash in works when he throws out random limbs. There isn’t much more I can say. It’s definetly hard to get in on a good sim. And if spaced right, both jhp and jhk will beat his bhk anti air (the knee) though it’s kinda hard to space that


Against Dhalsim, patience is definitely key to performing well in this match-up, as many have already reiterated.

You don’t want to approach Dhalsim, because he can easily anti-air you. Also, he does a far more effective job trying to keep you out rather than approaching you. You need to try to get Dhalsim to come to you. Be wary of his teleports, because they can catch you off-guard if you’re not careful. If your opponent isn’t too reliant on using Yoga Fire, try using a couple of Soul Sparks, preferably the LP version, so it will pester him. I faced supernub, who is a strong Dhalsim user, and I’ve learned a couple of strategies against him. I thought U2 would work considerably well against him, but it seems U1 was the better alternative. I tried doing a couple of mix-ups with slides and s.HK, and that helped as well. When Dhalsim stretches out any part of his body, he is more vulnerable due to more hitboxes, so try to use that to your advantage.


For dhalsim low and standing fierce, you can standing medium kick his arms. For the yoga fire I usually absorb till I got one bar and then reflect back and dash in following it. If he throws another yoga fire you slide in or standing roundhouse. You might be able to jump in depending how late his second yoga fire is. If you jump you likely will lose to his knee, but use fierce if you do jump, that sometimes will beat out the knee. You really need to get in and use meaty cross ups with sims wakeup. Then keep him guessing with tick throws and drill frame traps. For ultra, I use 1 on sim. If you have good reaction you can catch his limbs with it. If you cannot instantly pull it on reaction use u2.


I’d discourage using lp reflect and use mp version mostly; any decent sim will hit you with fp while you recover. Even then use reflect sparingly incase of teleports. Ideally you want to jump over a fb just outside of knee distance with an early fp (incase of st.rh from sim) and slide/ex spiral as soon as you touch the ground to start your offense. If you realize you’re in knee range after you jump you’ll often be better off just empty jumping to not extend your hitbox and hope they mistime it. works wonders against fp happy sims, or against any low normal really. I honestly think both U1 and U2 work just as well and it’s up to preference. If you don’t know what to do once you get in you need to learn rose before you learn MUs.


Block alot (the fireballs), and keep on dashing forward and focusing before you do so. When he teleports, immediately do cr.Fierce, it will work everytime.


Lately if I see a Sim player throw fire, I’ll slide once from near full screen, then reflect and it’s CONSISTENTLY safe. A pal I’ve played against told me about how when I was at full screen waiting to reflect, he could punish me with s.HP. I had already realized this. but when you move in closer from the slide (maybe even a dash), you’re minimizing the likeliness of Sim getting out of fire recovery frames earlier than Rose gets out of reflect’s recovery frames.


LP fireball moves very slow. MP/HP fireball moves noticeably faster. Dhalsim sometimes likes to mix in faster fireballs into his zoning game (who doesn’t?) If you are perceptive, time a fireball so that his fireball will disappear before your fireball hits it. Catches them by surprise and grants you some momentum. :3