Rose vs Guile



I haven’t seen a thread on this. This is easily my worst match. It’s a very frustrating one for me. He can charge me for free because I fear his sonic boom. Once he’s in, i am prone to mix-up.

I found that i can stuff his sweep on the second hit if i time it right, but its tough… I cant do my beloved FADC bait on wake up, bcause flash kick knocks me on back dash, which I use for a lot of wake up hijinks.

So I turn to you guys? How do you play this match?


I play this match with mostly pokes and crossup attempts. Sonic boom is nothing to fear, if they do what they always do by throwing a slow sonic boom and then follow it in. Just reflect it back at them or let them get close to you and slide under it and hit them. Reflecting is probably a better idea if you don’t quite have the timing down to slide under projectiles.

If you crossup Guile there is little he can do other than block it. His flash kick will whiff on a crossup attempt allowing you to punish him and his c.hp is beaten by Rose’s when used as a crossup.

Rose can dictate whether or not she want’s to allow Guile in. Rose’s c.hp is great at shutting down almost anything he can do in the air and your reflect prevents him from following his SB in. Rose has better reach on her pokes and they are faster than his. You can even jump at him when it’s not a crossup as Rose’s will stuff his flash kick.

Pester him with slides and and stuff his double sweep every time he does it. Force Guile to come to you. By doing this, you remove all of his specials from his arsenal. If he’s moving forward coming to you, he doesn’t have a back or down charge and so can’t do any of them. Unfortunately he has a ton of normals too. This is where your slide and comes in to start poking him and frustrating him. Try sliding at him but time it so the tip of your foot hits him, then either throw a to stuff his retaliation attempt or jump over for a crossup.


this match was very annoying for me at first, but now i can consistently win most Guile matches.

you have to know how to dictate the patch of the match though, as usual.

about punishing his cr. HK, you can do a pair of things that really pisses them off:

  • ultra right after blocking the first kick (you have to buffer the move while blocking).
  • EX drill right after blocking the first kick (you have to buffer the move while blocking).

of course, if the Guile player knows the match up, he will not use cr HK at all when you have meter or ultra.

if he decides to turtle, pester him with sparks. if he doesnt stop sonic booming you, you can anticipate the next projectile and jump in with mk to put pressure on him.

if he decides to pressure you, break his slow sonic boom game with reflect, and stuff his pokes with cr LP or cr MP, depending on the situation.

watch out if he start to cross up you, this is the worst scenario for Rose. Use EX SSpiral to break his cross up game.


You don’t have to have meter to punish his stupid double sweep. A simple will stuff it after you block the 1st kick.


I use C MP for this, my timing is off sometimes though. People advise to focus it, guess thats better.


I prefer cuz she lifts her legs to avoid the sweep.


If you have inherited the gift of intuition or the opponent is very predictable, you can use EX Reflect to reflect EX Sonic Boom and it will hit him 90% of the time because it is not expected at all.

I use that as an opportunity to dash over to him and never let go while he is still shocked that he got hit with his own EX projectile.


mm… online, it seems it doesnt work consistently (like other ton of things).


Online or off it doesn’t matter. All you have to do if you aren’t sure of the timing of when to hit is mash it and you will hit him out of his double sweep.


it does matter, believe me. of course, the match has to be quite laggy, but if you mash cr mp ON REACTION a tiny delay will make you get stuffed.


If you are joining 2 bar or lower connections, you have no one to blame but yourself. But even then mashing after you block the first sweep will still catch him before the second sweep can connect.


well, ill try to explain why i dont think so.

lets say it is a quite laggy match, not unplayable, but you notice some input delay.

guile attacks you with his cr HK. There is a slight delay between he presses the button and the first kick comes, but there is no delay at all between the first kick and the second.

Rose, on the other side, uses her cr MP ON REACTION to the first kick to stuff the second one.

… but she suffers a slight input delay between you press the button and the attack comes out.

so you have an attack with no input delay (the second Guiles kick) against an attack with input delay (Rose cr MP).

the cr MP comes out too late and get stuffed.

believe me, i have suffered this a lot of times. so much times that i changed tactics and just counterattack with EX SSpirals or Ultra because of their invencibility frames (Ultra really teaches them a lesson hehe).

anyways, people are free to try and see what happens. if they dont suffer input delay and are able to stuff Guiles second kick, then cr MP is the way to go!


You can focus the sweeps too.

Anyways, if the opposing Guile loves to walk up with his booms, LP reflect. If they get hit by it (because they think the boom will keep them safe), you get free meter and a knockdown.


His sweep is highly vulnerable to Illusion Spark. Block the first hit, and immediately do the ultra and that will catch his second hit.


Just forget it guys he obviously thinks it’s impossible to do anything other than block his double sweep…let him think that and never progress as a player. Even in a laggy match it’s quite possible to punish his double sweep we all know this, but apparently he hasn’t figured this out yet…


As a Guile player, I can give you guys some pointers on this as I have played a few good Rose Players. I’ll start it off with the advantages Guile has in this match up (some will be obvious of course).


  • Guile has an advantage in a fireball fight. You can reflect projectiles back at him and then advance on him in whatever way you see fit, but clearly you cannot rely on this too heavily. His recovery is very fast too. Rose’s recovery is poor and his ex sonic booms will tag you if you rely on mid to long distance zoning.

This means you have to anticipate when he will SB. EX Soul sparks work well here. you can ultra him on reaction to SB’s if you are able to anticipate it.

  • Guile has a good arsenal of normal moves that make up for his lack of special moves.

  • He has loads of anti air options so do not jump in blindly.

Now for the advantages Rose has in this match up:

  • Guile has no reliable cross up defense other than blocking and anticipating the opponents next move. His Flash kick loses out to well timed cross ups. Use cross ups whenever you have the chance and tick throws.

  • EX boom recovery is horrible so if you expect this, jump in and use any combo ending with the soul spiral. you could reflect on ex boom with an EX reflect but timing is far too hard for most IMO.

  • His ultra sucks bad as it cannot be chained reliably, plus it is not reliable as an anti air.

  • Once you have an ultra metre, Good Guiles will usually cool down on the SB’s as they will be worried about being tagged with the ultra. This can open up the opportunity to close in and apply pressure.

The second match in the video below features Guile and Rose, and this rose is pretty good so hopefully you guys can pick up some useful ideas from it.

hope this helps


mate, i think you have problems with reading comprenhension. I didnt said it is impossible to do anything than block, i just said in laggy matches (specially in those you have lag spikes), stuffing the second kick with cr MP is not 100% reliable.

in laggy matches, few things work as it should do. anyways, ill try to use cr MP online against laggy Guiles next time and ill see what happens… i conditioned myself to avoid it, but you could be right, who knows. :confused:


I’ve no problems at all with reading comprehension, it is you who does, as I’ve stated my piece clearly every time.


and i understood you completely, didnt i? whatever, ill test cr MP against Guiles cr HK in laggy matches (if possile) this night and ill tell you the results.


Please do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.