Rose vs Poison...



I’m having a pretty brutal time trying to shut poison down, it seems s/he has a solution to everything, have you guys had the same issue or am I just badding it up.?


Poison is free for Rose…


The fuck is with that hurtbox/pushback though?

Don’t ever try c.hp x reflect combos on poison. Ever. Just pretend you aren’t in the corner even when you are :confused:


I know right?

You have several alternatives:

  • use cl.HP xx H reflect (doesn’t work on any crouchers though)
  • do cr.HP after a non cross up M or H jump in
  • do cr.HP xx H Reflect during her idle animation when she moves her hips back (dumb but it works; I guess it shows that H Reflect isn’t the issue; cr.HP or Poison’s hurtbox/pushback are the culprits)

Must make crappy video when Im done with family visits. Bleh


I’m mad I read this comment AFTER playing a poison tonight. Shit literally cost me the match


Feels 5.5 for rose so far. Even with a slight advantage to Ross.

Be thankful guys. Majority of cammy combos don’t work on standing poison. :frowning:


fun fact… Rose can legit reversal u2 during almost any of poison’s strings going into rekka or medium and fierce fireball. She wont lose the orbs.


Poison has the worst hurtbox ever. And her corner pressure is oppressive. Rose wins in neutral, but full screen favors Poison more I think. I’ve never had to use raw super against any character so much before to get out of her fireball corner traps.


Is this another instance where Rose gets hit and keeps her orbs or does she just recover fast enough?