Rose vs Zangief

In A2, I used to get destroyed by gief.

now it’s SFIV…how are rose’s chances against him now?

i’ve found grab characters really put a big hurt on rose, and i struggle against distance players… any suggestions?

I’d put Rose vs Gief at around 4-6. She has her Soul Spark and amazing pokes to keep Gief out, but her lack of a reliable wakeup reversal means she has to play Gief’s ugly 50/50 wakeup game once he gets her down.

as a dedicated rose player, my advice is you have to poke him to death
when he green hands, no more than 3 jabs and them move. or you will get thrown. utilize your s. Fk or your > FK for distance. i rarely jump in on him but your medium kick, if angled right, will beat the lariat. if your going for a combo, make sure you can do the combo. if you whiff you will get thrown.

essentially, for specifically gief, it is a keep away with lp s. spark. his lariat will end before it gets thru and hell get hit. if he jumps over it, crouch > FP.

my buddy is a really good gief player so ive got a lot of practice playing keep away. but this is just stuff that i do and i have like a 90% success rate. if i loose its because this madcats controller diagonals don’t register and i eat green hands. there are other options, but i play keep away with fierce kick and lp sparks.


if he does get you down, you can slide out of his crossup successfully. ex soul throw works iffy, so i wouldn’t try it. quick wake up will help and don’t forget the invincible frames when you back dash. that’s gotten me out of many a hairy situations

f+hk will also chew up his lariat if he whiffs it. Or uses it to avoid a lp soul spark…

my f+hk attempts were only beating lariat if I do it with plenty distance between us.

Havent had any problems against Gief yet, just poke him to death with the usual long reac normals. He has to come for you, very hard to do if you keep throwing out moves at his face.

She has the advantage in the matchup, just if you are used to playing any sort of aggressive Rose (like how I do), stop playing like that and play like a scared girl.
Do not let him in, you have the tools, he has to guess right more than you, just if he does the damage you will be taking will be severe.
Also you’re supposed to wait for lariat to end before f+hk him in the face.

I have been pretty successful vs Gief as well. I mainly use f+hk at a distance and use lp soul spark then trip with d+hk if he jumps over it or lariat at close range. I use once in a while to catch him off guard. If I do get knocked down, I usually just spam back dash. If he hits me he can’t SPD as I’ll be in the air and I’ll just back dash again to safe distance. Or sometimes I use EX soul spiral for wake up. Basically just play keep away and he’ll start jumping in a lot. When you see this just wait and d+hp when he jumps.

tried a c.lp,, and (I hold back when i do this move so it doesn’t F+HK) and it has been very successful with gief. Distance game is the key against him i guess I can’t be overly aggressive. she is a monster, wish she had an overhead :stuck_out_tongue:

This is one of my least fav matchups, how do I stop myself from getting cornered? I need to keep distance and that requires backing up sometimes which eventually gets my back against the wall and then I get grabbed, and usually by the time he gets me against the wall he’s taken enough damage for an ultra which is always bad. Oh how I miss air dash in GG. Also whats the best thing to do against gief trying to grab you on your wakeup?

I’m also not a fan of this matchup at all. gief’s stam is so high that no matter how far ahead you are from poking, 1 small mistake means massive damage and a knockdown which could easily lead to another loss to a terrible spd spammer.

Zona, I need to practice this myself so I don’t know from huge success, but I believe backdashing is the safest thing to escape wakeup throws.

EX soul spiral on wake up if you have bar, if not, just back dash.

4-6? That’s weird. I’m not very good at fighting versus Gief with other characters, but Rose is by far my best matchup against him. Seems like the the Gief forum agree that Rose is one of Gief’s worst matchups.

I don’t have TOO much trouble against gief. He certainly isn’t my favorite opponent, but he isn’t too bad.

I try to keep my distance while throwing soul sparks…if he jumps then I respond with AA, or if he is too far I just soul spark again. If he lairats I dash forward and sweep.

If I manage to get a poke in I will try to link to soul spiral.

I basically play a hit and run game.

Rose doesn’t eat free SPDs anymore when meterless thanks to backdash and that you can jump to avoid throws, so gief should be much easier.

It was so funny in a2, the way i play is that i run away like a bitch building meter with, or kara canceled c.mpxx spark and jumping moves, then get illusioned as soon as i get meter.

Close thread, this is all that needs to be said lol.

Also, tonight I got lp spark to combo into Ultra on GEEF. He was doin a lariat so I threw a spark and then did a max tange Ultra. 7 hits of lulz:rofl::looney:

But I’ll go back and read the thread and see if I can help out in any way…

Soul spark like mad, jump back and fk if he tries getting too close to you is really all you need to do. Once you got ultra it’s really your game.

i am however having trouble on something. my good buddy plays a really good (overpowered) gief. it seems like anything i whiff, is a free throw. and, the attacking distance of rose is always in his throw range. i can get around that but that is not my problem.

what stops his jumping f.P? its reach is rediculous. and it has priority over everything. along with his jumping l.P.

c.F.P gets stuff or negatively trades. you cant trade with gief. this is my only problem is the jump in with f.p.


i do a slide sometimes, that works but gief can actually recover from the hit and spd me before i can pull my feet in from the slide. this recovery>spd happens with even crossup combos. rediculously OP

If you’re under him, c.hp. If you’re too far, just block it and backdash.

Rose vs Gief is a cakewalk for me, at the start of the battle I jump back and unleash LP soul sparks until he does his lariot then I jump in and combo with jump+mk, crouch mk, soul spiral