Ish so busy. Though I am a very busy and happening man, at least I managed to do some of these small pics. Hopefully, I can churn out some ultra high quality shaded ones in the future.:smiley:

Comments n critics welcomed.:smiley:


Really nice style…great sketches.


hehe the title sortof had me worried, but, yes! very nice sketches, I like how you shaded the Rolento picture


Man you are A O K man. I like that rolento alot. Nice confident structure and linework.

That rose is pretty tight too. Only thing I would do with rose is shrink her whole interior face because it seems too big for her face. All in all badass sketches man.


mistah twelve you are great artist!
but yes I do think also that rose’s face is too big for her head. Nice style/
did you draw the girl in your av?


:slight_smile: Couldn’t have done better myself!


Great job on Rose there, sharp angles and all.

As SFMC said, the actual shape of her face needs a bit tweeking, but that’s not a problem.



drawing is alright, i like the rolento one better but you need to work on the faces sonny. maybe you should draw all the figures and get that one guy who draws on post it notes to do the portraits.


I enjoyed the pics a lot yet i was still slightly disappointed. I was expecting rolento with boobs carrying a scarf.


Thanks for the comments ppl. Sorry if you were expecting some Rolento/Rose hybrids.:smiley:

The funny thing is I spend far less effort n time doing the Rolento one and most of you prefered that one more. Goes to show you shouldn’t scrutinize too much over the details.

Any of you got the Street Fighter Eternal Challenge artbook? This book totally rocks my world. Gota love the SF3 post-match sketches.

Dreaded Fist, I didn’t draw the girl. It’s taken from the Jojo manga.:smiley:


NICE Work. Clear clean and to the point. Great structure.

It’s cool seeing artists construction lines left in their art.

Very cool!


:slight_smile: Ee. Rippa na hon desu nee.


good stuff :slight_smile:

<-- tired.


that rolento is just W O A H
one of my favorite of the ones iv seen u do sketch wise =) i dont like roses shonz though but not because it is mishaped i just find it t o be a better settup with the sharp thin one she has in the later alpha series art. and the leggs are great.


I’ve always loved the way you draw. Keep it up man ^_~ The only problem I can pick out is on Rose, I don’t quite feel the relationship between her hips and her legs. The drawing of the front leg puts her crotch very low and doesn’t leave much room for the other leg. That’s just nitpicking though, quite fantastic, I wish I could draw so confidently and naturally :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Twelve. Nice art you got goin’ here. The Rolento is simple, but very nice. I like the angle you chose. The Rose as well looks nice. I can see why people say the head needs a bit of tweaking though. Good stuff altogether. And yes, I have that book and it rules. Best $30 I’ve spent. :smiley: Keep at it my friend.