Rose's Frame Traps



Share some knowledge if you got it. I had a semi-new Rose player ask me that and I came around here, turned up with nothing.

Personally, I have a good feeling a safe slide to is a trap. Loads of CHs on people who are button-happy, and if I have Super stocked, my face pretty much goes lol-troll mode.

… I also have a feeling she doesn’t have much more than that. >_>


she has a lot lol.

safe spiral frame traps.

cr. lk cr. hp
cr. lk st. mp (you can confirm to cr. strong, or if counter hit, pretty much hit anything else after, including u2).
cr. lp cr. mp (hella ghetto, but still one).

She has a lot, using her st. mk, etc etc.

my favorite against opposing rose players is spiral far st. hk because they always do cr. strong after a spiral, safe or unsafe hahaha


I should just shut up and read the frame data next time. >_> Thanks for the contribution, gonna start using these


By he means, s.hp/cl.hp are also frame traps.

The most important ones are probably and for early techs. Save the hps (whatever version) for late techs.

There’s also character specific ones such as HK reflect in the corner against Viper (beats ex.seismo clean iirc).


no frame traps with far


sometimes i do almost max range slide and then throw out far and get counterhit and i can link xx EX drill …i love doing that :slight_smile:


It’s mentioned in another thread that HK drill then is a trap.

I should compile this stuff on the first post … Will do later


In corner: HP Spark (Either off of Cr.HP or an untechable knockdown), Cr.MP works also


i personally like doing, than doing a into spiral. It should be safe if they block it, or eat some good damage (perhaps into super).


I gotta try this now.

I’ve seen the cr. lk > cr. hp done in the original SF4… and im having a shit load of trouble trying to do it :frowning:


gotta start doing these