Rose's Hardest Matchups and Easiest Matchups

Ok. I’ve always had this question but in AE, who do you think is rose’s toughest opponent? And what matches do you see Rose actually having an advantage in?

For me, outside of derpaderp Yun and his brother, herpaderp Yang, I’d say Akuma, Seth, and Sim seem to be the toughest for me.

The easiest in terms of matchup, not factoring in experience, would be either Chun, Guile, or Cammy.
Those are the only matches i would say Rose has the advantage in. More so the latter two than Chun. It’s just I haven’t been playing any really good Chuns lately and don’t really feel threatened at all by her. The overall nerfs to Guile make this a war of attrition in Rose’s favor. And EX ST > Floaty EX Cammy.

Edit: For clarification, when I said her easiest matchups, I mean against tournament viable characters. Having a 9-1 matchup against dan means absolutely shit. It’ll just inflate your rankings on the list. It helps in no way. What are her easiest matchups in terms of top 15? Maybe top 20? I want to know who rose actually has a clear advantage against. And no offense to thawk players, but he sure as hell isn’t a real tournament viable character in AE. Neither are dan, guy, or anyone else on the bottom of the list.


Hardest 5 outside of the twins: Rufus, M.Bison, Balrog, Dhalsim, Sagat

Easiest: C.Viper, Guy, Oni, T.Hawk, Dan

Balrog and Seth are pretty hard. Much harder than derp derp twins. Hakan is actually fairly difficult. Seth is actually really hard, I lose to even bad Seths.

Rose’s easiest matchups are like Gen, other Rose, Guy, Ryu, T. Hawk, etc.

Hard Matchups: Bipson, Blanka, Sim
Easier Matchups: Viper, Gouken
Favourite match up: Guile

Hardest matchups for me would have to be Seth, Bison & Blanka. You just can’t touch Seth with Rose it seems. His 50/50 game is so hard for Rose to win against. Bison is another dumb matchup… Don’t slide, don’t poke, don’t fireball… Ugh. Blanka is too fast with all his damn mixups. Hard to keep up I guess. :frowning:

I’m very free against Seth.

I usually don’t do well against the Twins, Blanka, Balrog/Boxer Vega/Claw and Dhalsim.

Hardest: Yun, Yang, Rufus, and Akuma.
Easiest: Ryu, Guy, Guile, and Hakan.

Hardest: Balrog, Dhalsim, Ken, Yun, Blanka, Akuma, Bison
Easiest: Seth, Abel, Ryu, Guy

I play against a friend regularly who’s mained Seth since Super.

I classify Seth players into: Those who will uppercut without 2 bars and those who only uppercut when they have 2 bars. I don’t think the matchup is too hard, just don’t backdash or slide against jump ins and keep blocking. There are Seth players who like to tick DP or tick SPD, so just play accordingly.

The only bullshit move Seth has is meaty tandem.

Pretty much all the charge characters and Sim

Hardest: Rog, Sim, Blanka, Bison

Easy: Guy, Ryu, Gouken,

Sakura for me is a easy win or a easy loss. If i can zone her, shes no issue at all, if i get caught up close its game over with a good sak and mix ups/resets.

bison matchup is so fucking stupid. If its not on everyone’s list your all dumb.

Yea i definitely agree majin. I’ve played both AndyOCR and Hugo101, both ends of the spectrum in terms of bison. And I got bodied by both. But to me, it felt like they were just better players, the matchup seemed winnable. Rose has answers to most of Bison’s offense and defense, and vice-versa…

How is Ryu considered an easy matchup? Can someone enlighten me on this? All i know so far is that reflect shuts down long range fireball game, but i feel like i can’t zone with fireballs either since his jumping rh has obscene range. It feels like 5-5 to me.

the only time I have issues with ryu is when he is playing the stupid neutral jump mk lameness game/

Hardest: I haven’t played enough Bisons, but Twins, Blanka, and Dhalsim. Twins because they are cheap and broken. Dhalsim because it is a real bad matchup, sort of like how Bison will always do badly against Guile, well, any good Dhalsim will destroy rose. I haven’t played many blankas in AE, but in Super, you couldn’t punish regular balls, so good luck against any descent blankas.

Easiest: Anyone without a 3 frame light punch, kick, or reversal, and is unpunishable but spammable moves like blanka.

I’ve played Hugo’s Yun and Bison.

Both match ups felt like I had a good fighting chance.

It wasn’t too difficult. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t hard.

guy player wanting some rose matchup exp… fresco4eva on xbl… i feel in ae it got a lil easier for guy in this matchup

I’ve played a good amount of good Bison players, and the match-up doesn’t feel that bad. She has a couple of match-ups that are certainly harder.

Hardest: Balrog,Ken,Yun, Adon, Akuma
Mid (changes from hard to easy):Bison,Blanka,Yang, Rufus, Honda
Easy: Guile, Ryu, Chun-li, Sakura, Sim, Cammy, Dudley, Sagat

Hardest: Balrog, Bison, Rufus, Sim
Easy: Guile, Sakura, Makoto, Blanka, Guy