Rose's level 3 Focus Attack is blockable?

I have no idea if this is been documented or not, but Rose has a glitch that exploits the anti-simultaneous hit system in SF4. Apparently if an Orb and a charged FA hit at the same time, the FA never registers and the opposing character blocks as normal. No, it’s not that the orb hits them out of the crumple and they stand like normal. The game still registers the hit with an odd blocking animation from the other character, yet it does no damage, stun, or chip. It’s easiest set up with all block on, a lvl 3 FA in the corner followed by fierce reflect into U2 and quickly soul throw them before the orbs hit. Then you dash up and charge a FA and it just gets blocked. This actually happened in a match with a friend of mine and we couldn’t help but laugh. Again, if this has been reported before, lock/move this thread, but I haven’t seen anyone talk about it.

just tested on ryu and your right LOL, he blocks the lvl 3 FA

edit: easier way is just to set the dummy on all block, activate ultra 2, get near the opponent, start charging focus, when you go for the lvl 3 FA, one ball will hit right before the FA and the FA gets blocked, im guessing it has something to do with the block stun

The reason the FA gets blocked is because the opponent is still in blockstun from the last orb that they blocked. I don’t think it’s a glitch, it’s meant to work that way. You can test this with spd throws as well, which are unblockable. Use a cancellable normal, hit the opponent with it and cancel it into command grab. It will whiff if you did it correctly, despite him being in grab range.

Im almost positive this was known, happened all the time to me in super. When i tried to focus like that with U2. Im sure if you dig in the discussions you will see reports of it.

This. Level 3 focus attack won’t crumple if the opponent is in block stun. Not a glitch.

yea not a glitch. Been known since Super. Time your lvl 3 FA right.

gimme 0 frame start up plzzzzz

Are there situations where anyone else can reproduce this? I can’t really think of any. Dhalsim maybe, with Catastrophe ultra? But it seems a little strange that there’s something that only affects one person negatively like this, but was intended. I don’t give them that much credit. :lol:

Just tested it out with Dhalsim. No dice.

In order for the U2 -> lv 3 FA to work, you have to time it such that the opponent isn’t still in blockstun from one of the orbs. With the reduced hitboxes on her orbs right now, it’s pretty easy to throw her out of it.

I don’t think its strange at all that this happens- the game is just probably programmed to not let anything hit out of blockstun, including a guard break. It could probably be reproduced pretty easily with a jab spark or sonic boom FADCed into forward dashes.

someone was asking this a few days ago and i responded to it, its intentional. and has been in the game since vanilla in the form of dhalsim ultra 1. if you put ultra 1 above their head on wakeup and charge lv3 focus, it will not connect due to the opp still being in blockstun from the ultra. pretty much its in there to prevent a true unblockable. the best thing to do with sim is to leave a tiny gap between block stun and FA hitting, and only invincible reversal will beat it.

no idea how you’d get around it with rose though due to the nature of the orbs only hitting once/rotating around etc.

but yea its meant to be there, so its not just a rose gimp thing.