Rose's Ultra 2



I’m salty as hell right now after fighting this character. Someone just tell me what Balrog is supposed to do when Rose puts up the damn balls, because I honestly haven’t a clue. I am not a pro. This is a salty post, lol. I’ve tried EX Headbutt, EX Straight Punch, but nothing seems to work. I know someone’s going to say, “Block.” and I do, but I can’t stand feeling so helpless, so if there’s ANY kind of tech any of you can teach me, let me know.


(should be in the matchup thread buuuutttt…)

You should do one of three things: you can (1) mash backdash, it only stays active for like 400-600 frames, so you can wait it out. (2)Counter poke the shit out of rose once you’ve made some space from backdashing. (3)Block, just beware of focus attack, as a charge character its almost impossible to deal with orbs and not get mixed up because of proximity blocking. You should be able to counterpoke her and her slide really good since those are the two butons she’ll use to get in on your and try to mix up you up with after activated.

It has invincibility on startup and recovers really fast so you don’t have anything that’s gonna nullify it unless its out BEFORE she activates and it’s probably gonna trade in her favor. If you hit rose (actual hit, not FA), then the orbs go away. But generally yes, you should block and play the match keeping in mind that she probably WILL get U2 and WILL use it, so you should have enough life to be able to take the chip damage. Orbs give her significant mixup capability: (e.g. fwd.throw,, orbs, medium soul throw i think), she also has another one where she jumps over you twice and she gets a double cross-up.