Roshihikari Teaches Urien



Even though I don’t know nearly as much about Urien as my RX. I have played with him enough times to have learnt some tricks from him. I will share some of these Urien lessons here.

First and foremost, one of the things that RX did at home was the finger pushups that I mentioned. These really help him to do those crazy charge partitionings.

As for in-game, the material that we will cover in this lesson today is RX’s “hippie knee” tactic. What this is, is actually timing Urien to do a roundhouse Dangerous Kneedrop at the right time. When is it the right time? You do a fireball or an Aegis reflector that will KO the other person upon impact (assuming that they do not parry it).

You must buffer the charge for the kneedrop so that Urien is in the air and coming down just as the ‘K.O.’ appears on the screen. This will slow down Urien’s Kneedrop animation so that he looks like a “hippie” in the air, his knees coming down the to ground slowly.