You should come back Twin knife Ibuki…

Wasn’t he banned earlier? Or was that some kind of sick April Fools Joke? :confused:

Wait a minute… Which one are we talking about?
The good one or twin knife Ibuki?

I meant this SRK-Troll-Roshihikari.

Sorry for being a scrub, but “twin knife Ibuki” isn’t the real Roshi is it? I thought he plays Yang. ^^"

That’s how I get others to tell who I’m talking about to be honest, So er yeah… Twin knife Ibuki Is the Srk-Troll-Roshihikari…:confused:

I Kinda like the name a bit too.

I dont know this twin knife Ibuki but i know Roshi the SRK troll is the same at the Japanese player.

I believe!