Rotating the stick axes to match angle of forearm

The controller I’m currently using is the first arcade controller I’ve ever made, so I’m not sure all my decisions were optimal. My main issue is the angle of the stick axis. The way it’s set up now, left/right and up/down is exactly aligned with the X and Y axes (relative to the controller case).

When I built it, it didn’t occur to me that it might be smarter to align the directional axis to match my forearm rather than to line it up with the controller case. My stick-holding forearm is resting on the controller at a 60 degree angle, not 90 degrees, so it feels more natural for my hand/wrist to hit the diagonals than up/down/left/right.

Is anyone having the same problem, or are your sticks already rotated to match the resting angle of your forearms? Just wanted to get some input on this before I make the change. Would also be interesting to hear how commercially produced controllers tend to be aligned (e.g., Madcatz TE, etc)

The problem is that your relative grip to the buttons placement in respect to the joystick and palm on the edge of the case give you a frame of reference to what direction is up, down, left and right. In most sticks like the TE. it is done relative to the case. Having the stick at an angle might make sense if you where only moving left and right, but because you are rapidly pressing the joystick in all 8 directions for a game like street fighter 4, your wrist needs to be quickly able to hit many specific random 8 directions from all angles. Having the stick orientation match the case orientation makes feeling the proper direction easier, and is how it has been done at arcade and with most commercial sticks.

Thanks for the reply. One would think that the guys making arcade cabinets and professional sticks know what they’re doing, so I guess I’ll keep my current configuration, at least for now.

I’ve thought about the same thing. But considering how the stick’s mounting screws are welded in place, it would be hard to rotate the stick’s base (I’m thinking around 10 degrees clockwise). The need to rotate the stick is apparent when you’re holding the stick close to your body. I normally hold it out to the edge of my lap or on a table just so my arms would be straighter and my wrist closer to each other.

solution: rotate forearm to match the angle of the stick axes (no really, i’m serious).

it’s axis

no, hes right. axes is the plural. x axis, y axis, x and y axes.

well i’m not about to start a grammar debate so i’ll just let it go