Rotating TV Mount at Best Buy?

Can’t find the thread but someone was building a vewlix stylwe cabinet that had metal grates on the front of it. and He had a mount for his tv that rotated to portrait to play shmups. Just trying to find out maybe a model number and make of it because I went to best buy today and they told me it doesn’t exist. please help.

Most TV mounts don’t have the ability to rotate and some TVs don’t have centered VESA mounting holes. Non-centered mounting holes causes the TV to be unbalanced when in the portrait orientation, which can cause it to rotate until it balances out. Making portrait useless or require something to prop it up.

Rotating wallmount for medium-large displays

If your display is light enough and VESA mount holes match you may be able to use an lcd monitor mount advertised for a smaller display. My 32" TV is 26lbs and I have it on this. I use my TV as a monitor, so I needed the height adjustment provided by that arm.

I think you may be referring to my Vewlix build… which is due for one more coat of paint this week. Here’s the thread.

Sanus makes several rotating mounts. Best Buy may not carry all models, but they can be found online easily.

  • This is definitely something to note. The other problem is that a TV may be very unbalanced on the lower end due to speakers and other parts. If you plan on rotating the TV, make sure something is supporting it in both positions.

awesome thanks for the info guys!! yeah that was it. well, I was planning on getting this TV …seems like a decent tv 720p with a gamemode. does this look like a problem?

I had found one at frys a few months ago but it was like 100 dollars. so instead of getting the arcade board I just got the PSX port which had options for both vertical and horizontal screens.