Rotten Core - An upcoming 2D fighting game by Team Aiduzzi


Just heard about this fighting game from Eventhubs recently. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this and see where it goes (hopefully somewhere).

Oh, and there’s also an Indiegogo page to support the game as well:


Overall looks pretty damn cool. My only complaint which I think could be pretty serious in terms of competitive play ( which this game looks to be going for ). What seems to be a clash mini game, where whoever mashes the button faster comes out on top. it’d really suck if a match were to be decided by that. That person would’ve dead ass won by mashing faster than the other.


Yeah, that would be an issue, I sort of like the idea of a super tense moment where both player gets to press buttons at the same time but turning it into a mashfest would be bad for competitive play.

But that’s a minor nitpick right now. Always awesome to see new 2D fighters and this one gets the visuals from the start.


I played with those characters 10 years ago in mugen.


I think if the developers were to make it function similar to that of JJBA’s “Blazing Fist Match”, then it shouldn’t be much of an issue in competitive play.


Can’t believe they want $87,000 for this Mugen garbage.


Not to shoot down what Team Aiduzzi is doing for the game, but I did find that part laughable.


Also another thing that bothered me. Some of these super moves go on WAY to damn long! I mean a lil spectacle and razzle dazzle is cool and all. But a 60 hit super move that takes like 12 seconds to complete??? i shouldn’t feel like I would have to put my controller down while it’s going on




i knew it looked suspfishous


Truthfully, I was a bit put-off by the fact that Rotten Core uses resources from other already existing fighters instead of their own (notably what has been shown above); it takes away from the game being distinctive.


OK this game is starting to lose credibility already. Stealing/copying animations of characters and attacks from other games? Not a good way to start


the only cool thing about this project is the logo and character art as seen in the thumbnail of OP’ video. it makes it look like a grungy high quality fighter, but the rest is utter shit


Hopefully the developers are seeking community feedback for Rotten Core, because aesthetically, it’s not going in the right direction that it needs to be.


The graphics are not very well matched… sprites are old school low resolution, backgrounds super clean high resolution, that explosion gif there looks like a compressed recording of a Metal Slug explosion with filters on, the character sprites themselves don’t seem to follow the same artstyle and seem to directly lift frames from commercial games…

It looks too… Mugen.


Hey let’s put Gen’s head on Fei Long’s Body with Yamazaki’s legs and call it a character.



I’ve just noticed that their Indiegogo page has been updated. Check it out here!



It looks… average.

Not good, not bad, just average.


I think they should zoom out the screen a bit. The characters are to big for the screen, a single jump causes the camera to go up.


Hopefully when they redraw the characters, they’ll match the artwork better. In fact, aesthetically, the game is pretty meh so far. The stages are far too calm, too plain, too bright and cheery at times. For a game trying to push a villains only vibe, they should at least have stages give off darker feelings. Regardless, I’m interested in this project, though not enough to throw money at it yet. Hopefully it won’t be another beasts fury.

To be fair, both are based off the ring, neither are exactly original.