Rouge crossups?

It’s something I’ve seen the CPU do alot lately. Where Rouge does two hits or more then quickly flies up and behind (but really low) and usually kicks to start another combo. I’ve been trying it but no real progress.

Anyone know what I’am talking about?

are you talking about triangle jumping?

Well with stuff like that you can sj cancel the mlk or cmp into a dive kick or ad to the other side and dive kick.

I’ve never been able to air dash that low off the ground like the computer does though. Is it even possible cause I’ve never seen anyone do it either.

I think I know what your talking about. The computer Superjump-Cancels the c.MP, so it’s like

c.lp,, SJ-cancel into air dash, down-hk (diving kick) (crossup) thats a reset right there, and pretty much 99% of the time, players do NOT expect that. they expect you to special, air combo, or whatever.

to make it even more damaging (not a reset though), with tron you can

c.lp, proj, SJ-cancel into airdash, down-hk (diving kick) (crossup) and do whatever from there… special, air combo, whatever. Hope that helps!