Roughly 24 more hours!

The wait just Sucks!!! Who will be waiting to pick there copy of TvC up before the Stores open!?!?:smokin:

go to kmart and get a copy already

GameStop is having a midnight release for some other game tonight btw so you can go at midnight and get your TvC.

There’s your list of stores you can go to.

Yeah I’ll be hitting a gamestop late tonight thats having a Midnight Release for Mass Effect 2 and MAG, they said I can pick up TvC…if of course I want to wait in line in the rain.

I’ll just wait until the morning. I would shoot myself waiting in a long ass line

They’re not doing this at my GS, but I woulda waited.

I’m going in about an hour to get my copy, then testing stuff all night. Gonna be good.

Can’t wait to pick this up in the morning.

3 days over here.