Round 1 Arcade (City of Industry) - SSFIV AE, Tekken, 3rd Strike, BB, Bemani


Round 1 Arcade is a new spot in the Puente Hills mall in the city of Industry. This place is a big entertainment complex with Bowling, Pool and of course an Arcade. It’s been confirmed that they will be getting Super Street Fighter IV Arcade edition next week.

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This place is right down the street from Arcade Infinity, but I still haven’t been to it yet. I’ve gotten mixed reviews about the place and saw a twitter fight between Arcade Infinity (arcadeinfinity) on Twitter and Round 1 (round1usa) on Twitter too. What I wanted to see is how the community felt about the place, cause I want to know what I’m in for once we start heading there for SSFIV Arcade Edition.


there was no such thing as a twitter fight. @round1usa twitter account is run by a fanboy, i don’t think it’s an official account by any means. if it were, round 1 has some serious problems. this account constantly insults other arcades and its own patrons (for being gamers, no less) and is completely unprofessional.

games are run with a card system and you have to buy credits from kiosks or the front counter, where roughly 1 credit = 25c. ssf4 will most likely be 4 credits per play, as vanilla is 4 credits currently.


Yeah I thought the same thing about the round 1 twitter, but wasn’t 100% sure. Not a fan of a dollar per game but it could be worse. I intend to support AI once they get SFFIV AE, but will be going to Round 1 in the mean time.


If it makes it any better, Round 1 has an $8 for one hour card, which, if there aren’t a lot of people playing, may be worth the investment.


Do they still have the 4 Tekken 6 cabs?

Will probably hit them up this weekend, if they get AE. Not a fan of their benches/seats though, lol.

These guys had SamSho Sen in a cab too, what a waste, heh.


Yes, they still have Tekken 6 cabs. I believe there are four.


Hi everyone, let me start off by saying thanks Kapwan13 for making this thread for Round1. Let me introduce myself, I’m Round 1 Supervisor in charge of the Arcade(Amusement Arcade) let me go ahead and put the rumors to rest about Arcade Infinity and Round1USA twitter drama- There is none, the Round1USA twitter account has been reported and is being in process of getting removed. So please ignore any further comments from this account until notice thanks. I apologize to AI if this has cause any inconvenience but trolls will be trolls.

Now for the future of the Arcade community in this area, I can confirm many thing’s; one of them is that I work with all the local community not just street fighter to work out price, tournaments, and streams and more. So please if you have any questions, hit me up on the forums.

UPDATE: SSF4AE - I can confirm to you all I have a Total of 4 Cab’s, it set up like the Tekken 6 link system.
UPDATE: SSF4AE - I’m sorry but I tried to have the game on launch date, but the game will be open to the public soon, before x-mas if not sooner. I’m also in talk’s with Alex and will have some kind of stream with special guest so stay tune.
UPDATE: SSF4AE - This is not 100% yet, but it’s a good chance that this game will not be eligible for time play, but that doesn’t mean I won’t work on the community with price. $1.00/2plays.

Thanks everyone I will do my best to support the community please post any suggestion’s you may have!


Hey Suiken thanks for letting us test streaming the cabs the other day. We hope to get some AE streaming action going pretty soon from Level|Up. Stay tuned!


Woot woot. AE action!

Curiousity though, any chance of getting BBCS2?


Fantastic! I’ve been trying to get a hold of someone in management at Round 1 for a while now. Who is in charge of the email I sent that person an email since it’s the contact email listed on the website and am still waiting on a response, haha.

A couple questions for you, Suiken:

  • Is there ANY possibility we can get those IC cards working on your SSF4 machines? (Assuming we’d be able to get our hands on one, of course)

  • When you say $1.00 / 2 plays, does that mean one swipe of the card will put two credits in the machine? Because if so, I suggest you just cut it down to two Round 1 credits per play, since giving people more than one play per swipe seems like it could cause trouble with people not paying, etc. So just make it $0.50, or otherwise, 1 swipe / 1 play? If that was the idea all along, then great!

  • Unrelated to Street Fighter, is your DJ Max Technika 2 machine going to get online capability anytime soon?




finally a Round1 thread! tho, i think its safe to say that ‘credit’ round1 cards would be more optimal than ‘timed’ round1 cards due to the influx of people playing on the cabs. that is, unless it’s empty (which is going to be rare).

beer + ssf4ae = salty drunks.

p.s. - that soccer game on gti club is gdlk.

p.s.s. - i heard rumors of another Round1 opening up in west covina? deny/confirm?


Time play might be worthwhile on a weekday during weird hours, like early afternoon or something, when there aren’t likely to be a lot of people there.


-potatohead, lol all good man tell frank to lose that attitude! Frank “You had a DVI plug here all along!”
-Evil, BBCS2 is something I have spoken to my distributor about I will post up more info as soon as I get some! <3
-SnakeAes, Please just contact me about any matter on the arcade’s on srk or just me pm me thanks.
-IC cards are in the works but not 100% but for now my main goal is to have ssf4ae up and running and with the weeks to come I will focus on IC cards.

  • 4 credits/2 plays = one swipe will let the game credit twice, letting the player have two games. I’m not sure how much AI or super will charge for there game’s but im sure its going to be like .75c-1.00 per game right? I’m just giving a better deal for the value, on top of our nice vewlix cabs(Red) I also have a large amount of Sanwa part’s sticks/buttons stocked and ready to change out in a moment notice. =D

I’m not going to bs you snake, but DJ Max Technika 2 will be offline until verizon get’s there shit together, sorry bud. I will post up any further info!
-Timeplay for ssf4ae will remain off, I was there when vanilla hit the scene and im postie for the next couple of weeks that machine will play host to the local players from open to close =D
-clipse that’s a good question and all I can say at this time is that we at Round1 will be opening a number of stores up and down California.


Subscribed. Keep us posted. Thanks!


What I’m saying is, I think you guys should just make it 2 credits / 1 play, that way you can avoid the trouble of having stupid kids who leech off other players’ money by using extra plays that people didn’t use up. Plus, if the arcade gets really busy (which I suspect it will), it’s too hard to keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t if the money keeps piling up on the machine.


I agree, but my options are 4 credits/1 play or maybe 3 credits/1play.


secure the perimeter wit caution tape lol kids wont bother ya


After 10pm there is a curfew in placed no minors after that time, also I have security guards that will throw anyone out of the store at my command muhaha, so please don’t get drunk and lose, I hate salty drunks.


i will take the 3 credits/1 play compromise

unless 4 credits/2 play means 2 out of 3 every time you swipe… which is kinda time-consuming given the # of setups there. speaking from experience during console sessions ^^