Round 1 results are in!


For the next round…

B. Dahlia
Brain Drain

What do you guys think? Discuss.


Black Dahlia!

But no Yu-wan… Keiji Tang’s going to be devastated. XD


All 4 of mine made it in so…rock on.

Kind of surprised Molly made it in over Yu-wan, but I guess word of the mech got out. Brain Drain is the only other one you could really call a surprise at this point.


For reference here are the characters that got cut.

D. Violet
Ms. Victoria

I’m very surprised Adam didn’t make it and even more surprised that Leduc didn’t make it, especially considering how much hype he had at one point. Maybe it was the Mike Z factor for them. Disappointed about Hive, and a little surprised about Ms. Victoria. I’m also quite surprised that Venus and Aeon made the cut.

I’m going to double down and just vote for the cute characters, Annie, Minette, and Umbrella. I love them all, especially the latter two. As much as I like Marie, I think it’s still early enough where I don’t have to vote for her because she’ll go far enough.


Let’s go, Stanley.


Leduc and Hive didn’t make it? I know this shouldn’t surprise me but I need to get this out of my system now:

Well it looks like I’ll be voting Annie, Beowulf and Molly next round and vote Leduc and possibly Hive in the second poll. (Depends who wins this first)

I’m also not fond of the fact Aeon and Minette getting this far. At least I can understand everyone else making the cut.


Well, Minette was a major part of Ms. Fortunes story, and Aeon has super time powers.


and i was working on a fan art of them too.

There’s always the next vote, right?


Mike Z factor totally killed Leduc. No wonder the team chewed him out for saying he didn’t like characters. Total shame that some of the blander peeps got in over The Duc


I think it’s pretty safe to say the Mike Z factor not only killed Leduc’s chances, but also propelled the popularity of Isaac tremendously.


There’s literally no way you can prove Mike Z played a significant factor in the voting. Mike also urged people not to vote Aeon due to her being an overpowered boss character with crazy time powers and balancing her would be lame; yet she got voted in. I think it’s large part to her CHARACTER DESIGN. I hate to say it, but Adam and Leduc have the blandest design’s out of all the characters, regardless of any endorsements or hate from anybody.

And for argument’s sake, let’s say Mike did play a significant role in the voting. Does anybody actually think Adam or Leduc had any real shot of being voted #1 as the DLC pick?


Adam yes, Leduc? One of the blandest? Are you on something? Mrs. Victoria is far blander than Leduc! So are Hubrecht, Beatrix, Yu-Wan and Minette! I fail to see what makes his design so bland. Besides, I get the feeling you didn’t read the gameplay descriptions page since you’re going on about character design and not gameplay design which is most likely the more important factor here.


Obviously I read the gameplay design, however I strongly believe people make choices on characters based upon aesthetics rather than gameplay theory.


But Mike had been open about his dislike for Leduc for ages, purely for aesthetic reasons.
He seemed to like him after they actual got a playstyle written up for him.

Aeon is someone he just recently said would be troublesome, gameplay wise, well after most of the donation drive folks stopped watching the SaltyCupcakes/LabZero streams


Even if all this is true, in the grand scheme of things; does it really matter?

Leduc was never going to be voted #1 due to how better his competition was.


WOW… im disappointed. I was hoping that at least minette would get voted out… But it seems that weak ass waste of space joke/clumsy/stupid characters like minette and wussy ass non fighters like umbrella are more popular than characters with cool gameplay styles like adam…

This shit is really disheartening. Its making me think that what people have been saying about the skullgirls community at large is maybe true… Thats its just a bunch of panty sniffing pedo perverts playing this game or, if not playing it, then supporting it.

Disappointing. Cant really not see minette/aeon/umbrella/annie/marie/venus… Perhaps non tronne style molly not taking it at this point, they are like damn near half of the votable characters

All of the dude charcters got kicked except for beowulf,panzer,isaac and braindrain… Disappointing, was hoping that 2 GOOD designs would get voted in, but it really looks like fail bitches like the above referenced will do it.

Well at least squigs is a cool design… Im wondering if i should go into damage control mode and vote for feng just to side with a lesser of 2 evils characters… Would be better than getting a fucking playable version of marie.


Feng, Molly, Eliza and Aeon, all got through, all according to plan*!

Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu ;3

(Translator’s note: plan means Keikaku).



Mike openly hated Stanley and said don’t vote for Aeon. He also said vote Hubrecht and said he likes Adam more than before because of the playstyle.

Mike Z factor my ass.


First of all, let’s get real. It’s not a coincidence than the two characters that Mike Z voiced the most hate for got eliminated early. He’s the most respected person in the community and before Mike Z said anything about Leduc, he was easily one of the most popular characters in the community, probably more popular than Panzerfaust. And of course if Mike is going to hype Issac, reveal him towards the end, and make a video that demonstrates his play style he’s going to make it to the next round. I’m kind of salty about it to be honest and I hope that for the next character poll everyone who’s working on the game just stays neutral or at least only says positive stuff.

I think it’s very harsh for Dime to say that “non fighting” characters are stupid and it’s very offensive to imply that those who are voting for characters like Umbrella and Minette are panty sniffing pedos. Filla is an underaged “non fighting” character by the way. Umbrella was once believed to be one of the first DLC character choices, and she’s freaking awesome, she’s related to Parasoul, and has Roll and May influences.

I have a theory if Japan wasn’t voting, Minette wouldn’t have made it to the next round, by the way I like Minette.


Dime_x with dat troll tech