Round 1, Round 2?

Does anyone know if there’s any difference in tech between the Round 1 or Round 2 TE sticks? Or any comments on the Round 2 stick; I believe it’s out, yea? I’m looking to purchase one and just wondering if there’s any difference, besides the faceplate. Thanks guys.

Aside from the colors, there’s really no difference. I’ve heard people say that Round 1 sticks had a problem with the PCB that would cause certain buttons to stop registering. I just bought a round 1 and it came with a revised PCB so I really don’t think that’s a concern anymore.

Get the one you think looks better / is cheaper.

I find myself in a similar situation, but I am a PC user. I am struggling to get a definitive answer from the internet in general as to which is the preffered one to go for, xbox or ps3 to ensure it works on my PC with the minimum of fuss. I understand that they arent cross-compatible with one another, but how does this affect use on a PC?

well if you’re playing street fighter 4 on pc, then there is basically zero configuration required, it’ll work just as it does on the xbox. the ps3 you might have to just configure the buttons once.

the ps3 however, due to its not-so-restrictive drivers, allows a bit more flexibility it mapping things a certain way. overall, for PC, i prefer the ps3 sticks. all the ones ive used have been plug and play, no issues.

if you do plan on buying one or the other console anytime soon, you could always go with the “planning for the future” purchase.

my PS3 stick won’t work with my PC but the 360 stick works fine.