Round 2 Fightpads - Bison, Guile, Zangief, C. Viper, Cammy, and Sagat

Dedicated fighting game fanatics may recall just a few days ago when Capcom’s Japanese blog teased that a potential Street Fighter IV sequel announcement could be coming in the near future. Flash forward to this morning, when Capcom and Mad Catz officially announced sequels to… their Street Fighter IV-branded controllers?

Yeah, you read that right; new versions of Mad Catz’ ever-popular Street Fighter IV tournament arcade sticks and six-button gamepads are on the way. The Street Fighter IV “Round 2” FightStick and FightPad are both made from the same premium components as their predecessors, only now the FightStick features a slick, monochromatic paint job, and the FightPads are plastered with official artwork depicting your choice of either M. Bison, Guile, Zangief, C. Viper, Cammy, or Sagat.

Once again, these premium controllers come at a premium cost: $149.99 for the FightStick and $39.99 apiece for each of the FightPads. They should be available sometime early in the fall of this year.

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I already have a Ken and a Blanka one, and a TE fightstick but a Cammy fightpad is just too good to pass up. :wgrin:

OMG I want a Viper fightpad but I will never use it since I already have a Blanka fightpad and a TE stick.

Comes out early in the Fall… I hope they announce an official release date soon. I really like the new black on the TE stick and I wouldn’t mind nabbing one of those myself.

man, i dunno but i want to get the TE stick but the problem is I gotta learn everything over again on the stick. I have “never” played it with stick so i’ll be weaker than the scrubs themselves. They’ll actually beat my butt so bad!! lolz. Sigh i dunno . . . maybe i’ll just stick with the fightPAD.

Hopefully they make round 2 fight pads out of stronger parts…

Zangiefs looks awful though, which is too bad, because otherwise I would’ve wanted one.

bison one is sick. best one imo.

I’ll prob. buy the Bison and Sagat ones, and a tournament stick, since I missed the last ones and Bison and Sagat just look awesome.

Wouldn’t mind having that TE stick. Looks much better then the first one they released.

Gief one doesn’t look very appealing alright. Bison and Sagat ones are definitely very nice.

I’m so used to using the 360’s analog stick … I don’t think I could play on a D-pad ever again. I just couldn’t imagine playing a charge character on any of those fightpads.

you too eh? :slight_smile:

I learned to play stick over the course of 8 hours total gameplay.

On a controller I used to whiff Guile’s ultra left and right - with a stick at this point I have yet to fail at it since I got it down.

Guile’s combos are all 1 frame links - I used to drop combos all the time, now the only thing that keeps me from dropping a combo is lag.

Give it a shot - I found it was well worth it.

My PS3 Ken Fightpad broke within several months and I’m too lazy to fix it. I have a feeling it might be the receiver inside the controller, but just dealing with Madcatz and getting a replacement part is too much of a hassle.

Round 2 Fightpads look nice, but I would not advise getting one even for collector’s value (like me).

any word on when the round 2 fightstick is releasing? Figured I might as well try to learn how to play with a stick rather than a DS3 so I can get better.

The pads and the sticks look great. I personally never by another madcatz product. I had a FightPad and after 2mo is stopped working. I got another to replace it and that one died too. I’ll never waste money like that again.

Anyone know where to get cheap fightpads in the UK? I mean, like less than 25-30 if possible?

The new MadCats products are a lot better though. I have a pad and a TE stick and have had no problems with either.

Oh gawd, new fight sticks? I’m would be so tempted to buy another… but I’m freaken broke… >_>

eh when is it coming out???