Round 2 results are in!


The top 8:

Aeon beat Venus, Annie beat Black Dahlia, and Minette beat Marie. I did not see this coming.


Everithing went better than expected. Still voting for Panzerfaust\Stanley & Isaac\Beowulf (I will roll a die).
Even if its called “SkullGIRLS” game will be more approachable with that. You know, Guilty Gear roster don’t have only “Gears” in it.
Cmon guys Skullgirls need few manly characters.


What do you call Big Band then?


“Not enough for 3v3 game”



You want more male characters in so that you can get into a 3vs3 with only male characters?
That’s, um, odd. Any reason why you want to do this?


Not going to lie, I actually like the idea of Big Band being the solo male character, it’s like an alternate universe Street Fighter II (chun being the only original female rep at the time).

Also Voting Minette/Eliza for fun/interesting gameplay mechanics.


Black Dahlia didn’t make it :(, Oh well. Stanley is one that I’m definitely gonna vote for but I can’t decide on my second pick, Panzerfaust or Annie?


Vote Annie XD


Vote Eliza


Eliza or Annie :smiley:


I’m suprised Annie has made it this far. I mean, I like her, but no ones really talked about her.


All of my choices have been eliminated, so I’ll have to reevaluate who I want in the game… Here are my thoughts (because I know you all care so much about my opinions):
Aeon: Please not another Double! Save this character for when they have more unused animations that they need something to do with!
Annie: She would be okay, but there are better characters.
Beowulf: I don’t like him much, not that I doubt he couldn’t win me over.
Eliza: Cool design and interesting sounding gameplay. I’ll probably vote for her now.
Isaac: Looks like he’d give me a headache.
Minette: I liked her until I read about her gameplay, which I don’t think a lot of people have done…
Panzerfaust: We already have BIG band, that would make “all” of the male characters huge!
Stanley: Science! 'Cuz there aren’t really any better choices anymore…


Now, even though I am not voting for Annie, that sentence is blasphemy. You obviously havent spent more than 5 seconds in the Skulheart IRC chat. People talk about that little green dress wearin chick constantly.

Also vote Eliza or the world will implode on itself


I don’t live chat much.


Vote Aeon and Eliza for cruel and unusual punishment.


Its like you didn’t read my previous post.