Round 2 TE outlook

Over a span of 2 weeks i have gotten two round two TE sticks. I had recently had the marvel vs capcom TE, but i liked the look of the round two and sold the mvc to getit. I recieved my first one and it had an unusual tightness or stiffness to the joystick. It was making my fingers sore quickly. I thought it was just the stick so i returned it to get the super TE stick. This sticks joystick was awesome. Perfectly loose and accurate just like my previous mvc stick. Then, the Y button become unresponsive. I returned that for yet another round 2. Guess what was wrong with the joystick? It was Too Tight and stiff again! This was all through local gamestops just to let you know. So, my conclusion is these round 2 fightsticks are a little too stiff on the joystick. It may have been just my bad luck but thats how it goes. After all of this i will be going back the my mvc stick. Should have stuck with it in the beginning. Anybody else feel the difference on the round 2’s from all the other joysticks?

Bump, come one guys i know this isnt a serious matter and it takes about a minute to leave some feedback. what do you guys think?

No they all have JLFs.

it should be the same joystick JLF

I see, so is this just bad luck because i could definitley feel the difference when i was handling the round 2’s compared to the other TE’s…damn wha could it be?..I think im just having really bad luck.

my HARP3 and TE2 feel the same to me, nice and smooth with no stiffness. I think you just had a bad batch or they gave you your 1st fightstick back to you in a new box xd. I also bought another JLF and that feels exactly the same as the TE2 and Hori.

No, they were two completely different Round Two TE’s. One from Madcatz direct…second from gamestop…forgot to mention that…But yea no one had experienced a stiff JLF on a TE?

what id do is go to training room and use it for a few hours and see if it loosens it up. Also see if the stick sits straight up and down when not touched to see if the spring has not been bent or dislodged in some weird way that could be causing a stiffness.

well i played for a few hours anyway with no luck so yea…i might just keep using it till i can return it and see if it loosens up.

They’re all JLFs from Sanwa, but straight from Sanwa there can be variance in the stiffness of the spring. It will wear in eventually. You could also buy some spare JLF springs and try them out to see if any are a good fit. And if looseness is your thing, you might try one LS-33 spring (no JLF spring) in it.