Round 2 TE PS3 to XBOX360 conversion


Whats the cheapest way to do this? I’ve offered for a trade with an 360 stick that has good parts, but no bites.
Should I try a pad hack? The PCB’s seem to be out of my price range and are a little laggy.


You get more for a stock stick over a modded one.


What does this mean? Don’t mod it and try to trade it or sell it?
I’m in love with my KE madcatz, and would love to find someone wanting to trade, I guess I could go to the trading post, but no one has estimated how much this would go for.


Wait are you saying the ZeroDelay PCBs are out of your price range? A 360 padhack is like twice the cost for the pcb alone.

Edit: Oops I thought this was still dealing with MAME stuff.


ps3 sticks are a dime a dozen, i’m afraid. you may have better luck trying with trade+cash deal.

a ~20 dollar fightpad is out of your price range and laggy? it should be easy mod if you use the terminal board already on the stick.


You can usually get a 360 fight/brawl pad on eBay for $25 shipped, it’s the easiest padhack for the system I know of. Beyond that, you would need some wire (cheap) and a usb pass through and a dpdt switch or imp board (not a must off you can handle having 2 cords, just never plug both in simultaneously).

So assuming you’ve got the tools and can do the work (or know someone who can), you could get away pretty cheap.


There isn’t any mods you can do that would Up the value of that stick. if anything you lose out of money in the end.

Also Modded sticks don’t always go for that much once the mod taken place.

Also if you can’t afford the Zero Delay PCB, forget it now. That is the cheapest PCB on the market.