Round 2 TEs: PC compatible?


I know the first one’s had a issue and I was wondering if it was fixed with the Round 2 TEs?


I dont believe so since all the xbox360 sticks i have had, connect right up and work. although if its your first your PC will ask you to update and load the drivers which takes a few seconds. So in a nutshell, it works on PC LOL. some people complain about PC lag but i havent had any issues or play too much on the pc to be honest.


The 360 one works perfect on PC, no lag, however if you get the PS3 version, if you dont have an intel motherboard or a USB 2.0 accessory, theres a good chance it will not work. If you wanna play it safe and have both consoles, get the 360 version.


Never fixed.
For any PlayStation 3 from Mad Catz.