Round 4! fight!


Alright well, here it is folks. Round 4. From happy beginning days, to the fever pitch of the waifu wars, we have survived to make it here. This is to follow up that one guy’s round 3 poll. But now it is really accurate because it is one vote just like the current round. So I ask of you fellow skullgirls players. Who is it that you shall vote for? But remember my brothers and sisters, this is for all the chips. All the marbles. This is the final countdown…until the next poll. So choose wisely.


I’m mad Panzer didn’t make it in Top 4. So mad I’m going to ask for a refund now.


Everyone, vote for Eliza if you really don’t want Annie or Minette to win.

I’m sad Stanley or Isaac didn’t win but this is the next best thing.


I like Minette, Annie, and Eliza equally. I wish there was just a way to vote “not Aeon”.


No panzer saddens me deeply :(.


That joke ain’t even funny now.

Gonna go Annie, but I’ll be perfectly fine with everyone except Aeon. With Aeon I’ll be only somewhat fine.


My top 5 were:

  1. Dahlia
  2. Eliza
  3. Minette
  4. Annie
  5. Feng

3 out of 5 made it into final round so I’m happy about that. I hope Eliza wins though and fairly confident she will, cause if the next poll is truly one vote per round, I’m going all in on my #1, Dahlia.


Voting for Minette, screw the haters. Lol at not voting because of salt. I like all 4 of these characters.


Vote for Eliza because art like this needs to be in the game

I’d be happy with Annie though, less so Minette or Aeon




Fairly confident Eliza will win. I’m surprised so many people considered her the dark horse in all this. I personally thought she was going to run away with it, but it may be close between her and Annie. I think Minette has enough haters that will throw their votes towards Eliza or Annie to squash any chances of her winning. As for Aeon, I’d bet my bottom dollar she was the character that just barely beat out Beowulf in the last round.



->Feng was my #1, but im sorta fine knowing that she at least has enough followers to get past the first round

->Beowolf cause…yes

->Beatrice cause i want her to have a move where she captures the opponent in the Damacles and then performs a magic show where she stabs like a hundred swords into a box to the point where it starts to crack

->Umbrella cause of story, and I find salt umbrella funny

->last was Annie cause she’s not my favorite design, but her personality and supposed playstyle are right down my alley


My choices are kinda weird, from the get go, from the silhouettes only i liked Regina and Eliza. Once i saw dahlia she became my favorite and she stayed my fave. After that i saw Regina and Eliza but was disappointed with reginas man face and was disappointed with Eliza’s blood mechanic (currently its very easy to die if hit even once, so the blood has a good chance of not effecting the match when used on point) i also liked hive for her flight mechanic and “weird movement options” or was that feng…

Either way i voted for all these characters over the course of the votes and how much i want them in starting with first to last:

1 dahlia… A perfect compliment to peacock, both to fight and to support.
2 panzer… I just like the tank on his arm…tbqh… I think he could have some really epic Michael bay over the top explosiveness that would make iron tager seem like a wuss.
3 hive… Dat flight… Nuff said.
4 Eliza… Really like her look and switching stances sounds so damn cool… The only part is i dont like the blood mechanic and i ave my doubts as to the overall strength of her stances…
5 Regina… A beast tamer character that has there beasts attack with them in order to net frame advantage while she goes ham on the mixups… Seems like a viable shot for a good solo since she has her animals as assists… But dat man face… Ew.
6 molly… I REALLY like her proposed game playstyle… Supers and stuff to enhance a point character while also probably having goid normals and stuff… Probably my favorite concept… The i ly reason why she was so low on the list was i didnt think she had much of a chance to win.


I really want Annie to win. Here’s hoping. T.T





For me it was

  1. D Violet/Beowulf
  2. Annie
  3. Black Dahlia
  4. Eliza

The silver lining for me is that Beowulf has a real shot at winning the second vote. If they keep the same voting system and he manages to make it to the top 4, then all of the players who really want a male character would ideally give him their vote, and if they switch to the new system that would happen automatically. No matter what happens though I’m excited about where this game is going


No actual blood for Eliza is a big negative in my book, and as a whole, her concept seems iffy for a game that plays like this. I hate to use this word, but it sounds so gimmicky.
That, and her concept video for her left me lukewarm.
Also, I don’t think they can implement Aeon in a way to make people happy.

So, I feel it boils down to Annie and Minette


Not gonna lie, i may actually get a bit salty if Aeon wins. LOL


My top five were in order were Stanley, Feng, Brain Drain, Beowulf and Annie. As you can probably imagine, I’m pretty disappointed.

Still pushing for Annie tho’.


My top five were as follows:

  1. Eliza ; playstyle, art design,story, also I like blood and gore and she fits perfectly in the game
  2. Feng: the Phoenixes had some really cool aspects to them and I like her over Kung fu inspired design
    3.annie: girl with a stern demeanor, a buster sword and a Max inspired rabbit sold
    4.Regina: I loved strider hiryu having a character like him sold,
  3. Beatrix spiral was awesome to use in xmen:cotm and mvc 2 the sword mechanics and magician aspects would be awesome to play around with