Round Ending Super Art Glitch

I have seen on multiple occasions, VS the computer, a standard hit or a special move end the round, enough to say “KO” , and then have the Super art animate, usually not able to complete the animation, in an extreme slow motion.

How can I replicate this consistently?

I apologize for my scrubness, I have no oppurtunity to play others locally. And my wife hates SF…

You just have to time it so that you’ve completed the input just as your opponent is being knocked out.

What’s her problem?

You practically have to skip any hit confirming and just do the entire motion.

You have to finish the round with a move you can cancel into super from, and you have to actually do the super motion before the round ends. And if you were wondering, you still have full super bar when the next round starts.

A really easy one to do would be Akuma lp SRK xx SAI. That shit just wants to come out all the time.

Just get your opponent down to near zero health, then just mash that shit out. There’s your ‘glitch’.