Round harvest Nerf? Does it mean anything?

Apparently during the recent update to Umvc3, Trish has received a hidden nerf while playing. Her round harvest goes away when she blocks ANYTHING? So does that mean anything to us? Discuss!!!

Chances are if you have to block something while RH is out, you shouldn’t have thrown it out to begin with.

Though in this point of the game, I think it’s clear RH should be used as a guaranteed block setup/unblockable setup/clean hit setup. Otherwise it’s just to lame out a character from full screen who can’t do anything about it when time is almost out.

thats not a recent hidden nerf, thats actually a hidden nerf since we’ve gotten Umvc3 in general along with her dropping out the sky after an air max voltage. But if you really wanna talk about hidden nerfs see if you can still do your extra Hopscotch after your double jump.

You never could do an extra hopscoth just by double jumping in Ultimate. You can only lay more than one hopscotch if you use flight. That was in her change log.

then it shouldnt have said per jump on that changelog

well considering a double jump doesn’t count as its own jump nothing was wrongly said. Capcom just sucks at their wording (which isn’t a surprise considering they’re ass at changelogs to begin with.)

Yea I went back and saw that it was like that before the patch (It just never happened to me before). Anyway, I suppose this should be closed, We have another thread for this type of thing.