Round Robin at Rocky's Replay Results 4/26/03


Not a big tournament, but it was pretty fun… not the most serious tournament but hell it was good times.

  1. Adam “Sugarman” Burgharndent (or whatever) - Sent/Storm,Cable/CapCom, Mags/Sent/Tron, Mags/Storm/Tron.

  2. Eder Rezendez - Storm/Cable/Sent, Cyc or Tron.

  3. Ben “BshidoHEAT” Acosta - Doom/Sent/Storm, MSP

  4. A two way tie!

Peter - Mags/Cable/Cyc
Robert - Storm/Cable/CapCom

  1. Travis - Storm/Sent/CapCom, Doom/Cable/Cyc, and another team I don’t remember… :confused:

I get lucky once again! When it was time for me and Adam to play, he let me win to get a point ahead of Peter and Robert. :evil:

Adam beats Eder I think 3-2 or 3-1 for 10 DOLLARS!!! WAY TOO FUCKIN GOOD!

Next week Adam told me that he’d think about running another tournament so anyone interested it was no entrance fee, but you had to pay for your own games. Eder and Adam just wanted to play for 10 bucks. :stuck_out_tongue:


that fuckin 10 bucks was mine:mad:


huh Eder owes you money :confused:


To clear things up, Adam let me win because he already had the lead with like 5 points, and Eder had 4… and near the end of the tournament we’d been there for WAAY too long so he picked Suganeto. :stuck_out_tongue: And lost. :evil:

EDIT: Team Rocky’s is now known as Doom/Storm/Sent :lol:


That team suck!

Die U!:lol:


That is your grammar suck. :stuck_out_tongue:




Yea Mike, geez… did you ever pass the 3rd grade? You talk like a guy who fucks sheep.


Mike posting, this /\ is coming from somone who has an alter-ego on a videogame website…and he talks back and forth to himself?

Caaaaaaaaaaaamooooonnn man

P.s if you dance with glowsticks/strings you’re a jit, no way around it

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Allrighty there Shaman…


Maybe you don’t understand, he talks to himself…all the time.

You tampa flakes are somthin else


:wtf: is a flake? I don’t understand… is that some Wheaties type shit?

At least when I talk to myself it’s better than talking to Justin all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yo Ben…NIGGA YOU SUCK…Doom/Storm/Sent I’m still laughins so fucking hard that I can’t respond. Owned by OSAN (Old Sucky Ass Niggas).


:wtf: you can’t even win in your own imaginary tourney!




By no means does this mean to stop donating money:D


Yeah but this does…


If you haven’t realized it by now, we’re all at Pete’s house chillin.

That pic is WAY TOO GOOD!!! :lol:


Holy crap, Justin was a member of Yatta, How freaking awesome.


I try to be nice to you guys:bluu:

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