Round Robin for the 5v5 NY vs EMP Event!

For a long time we have been trying to figure out the best way to figure out the top 5 best non EMP players of NY. Players have too many life issues going on to have all the best players in one tourney. So I am proposing something that will help eliminate this problem as well as have the best representation for our city to verse the undefeated EMP.

I will have a round robin to take place at my house to determine the best 4 out of 5 players to represent NY(Li Joe has the guaranteed slot). Free food and drinks will be provided. Round robins take a long time so we don?t need players entering to waste time unless they are confident they can make top four. for this reason this last RR will be an invitation only

the following invited to this RR

Aulord confirmed
Javitz confirmed
Bizzybum confirmed
Rico suave confirmed
Zohta confirmed
Liston confirmed
Damdai confirmed
Networkingyuppy confirmed
Nerdjosh confirmed
Mariodood confirmed
citiofbrass confirmed

scores will not be reset.

The last place for this event (4th place. being that Li joe will automatically take the last spot.) will have to go up against Chris hu whenever he gets back. Until then that will be our solid 5.

this will be the last RR on march 3rd 2010 for the 5v5.i will be glad to throw more casual RR after this.

will this be streamed by FADC?

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Livestream this plz thx:bgrin:

i think that i will youtube this because the actual 5v5 will be at the next battlefield which will be streamed.

Curious who will be EMP’s 5? Sounds great, but I don’t have the skill hehe.

I’d be down.

im there, pm me your address andy. it wont take me long to get there

dumb question but i have to ask it for the sake for other players who would like to compete in this; do the would be players have to be from NY?

no disrespect to anyone but i don’t see the reason for this event. Isn’t the obvious nyc team Ricosuave, Javits, LiJoe, Aquasilk, and ChrisHu? That’s the team everyone wants to see go against EMP, and honestly that’s the only team i see that can beat EMP. Instead of rushing this event, I think you should wait until those actual 5 players are available to face off against EMP

so say that you are and get rdy to play!

i believe you are EMP if i am not mistaken

yes you do.

this is the only way to determine the 5 for the team. if what you say is right then they should have no problem getting the top 4 minus chris hu. this is why he is not excluded. and who is to say that all the ppl you didnt mentioned fell off? anyway its obv not a waste if the ppl you mentioned are down for it. then it would be undenyable not just picking

you knw u could always do DMG vs EMP

I’m there. Always up to play against the best in NY

I’m in…sign me up

Dont forget it is this wednesday at 5pm zohta and hold dat call me

I’ll toss my hat into the proverbial ring, but I’m gonna be late, as I’ll most likely be comin’ from work.

where is this going down?

Good shit for throwing this citi.
I approve.

my house in queens

are you down? you should come ben being that you was in teh original team. insayne should come as well.

who ever is comming you can call me at 347-494-0476 or the other number i pm’d you guys

I’ll come through to watch. I already know I am not top 5 in NYC lawlz. I can bring my xbox if you need more since I live so close.

got it, so how exactly does a round robin work? ive never participated in one

No harm in playing, plus some great matches will be fought and put on Livestream/YouTube so why not?

citi, I work over in Woodside so your house is probably really close, I’d be down to attend. Just PM me your address with any details like start time (I assume this Wednesday the 17th will be the first night). I know no one really knows who I am but I do think I have a pretty good Ryu and I’ve played with the others listed like Aqua and AuLord who can probably vouch. I’ve also been in the lab training hard since the last tourney I was in which I think was BA7, so it won’t be a waste of time for me to show up.