Round Robin Tallahassee!

Tekken 5 and MvC 2 round robin tourneys.

Feb 19th @ 1pm

5 dollar entry fee

1st place takes all

other games will be added if people r willing to put more money in for it

I will host it at my place with 4 tvs and projector

pm me for directions if you would like to attend

many tally players will be there, i figured i would extend the invite to everyone else too

:sad: Didn’t realize til just now this was a sunday and not a saturday. But no matter, you know I can’t miss it. I shall be there for sure.

MCV2 and T5 I will play in both. I would also like to mention if there is time, i think plenty of people would like to play 3s. But, if you guys who are hosting it really do not enjoy the 3s, that is understandable.

how many people are going to be there? I have got nothing to do on Sun :slight_smile:

could be anywhere from 8-16, just not sure

1st place gets all of the pot

I might come up… directions? address? phone #?

PM Guilemike for directions

MB / Spicules attending -

MVC2 & CVs2

3s, Cvs2

Casual : Mvc2, T5, ST

Oh snap there’s gonna be CvS2? I might be there then

Oh shit. I Carlos goes Spicules will have to gith for his dominance. My money’s on los. Fuck’em up for O-town Carlos. And hit me up on the phone, i may ride up there with you if you drive.

Yeah I wouldn’t mind u riding with me (I hate driving long distances alone). But I dunno for sure if there’s gonna be CvS2 or not

Nevermind, I’m not going maybe next time

I might go, but it’s gonna be a driving day for me though… might go together cuz i’m going from daytona beach… dunno yet