Round trip glitch



I’m having a hard time doing this. Im just letting it go and pressing it right away, but ive only gotten it twice out of like 50x and im not sure if im doing it right or how i did it.

Its supposed to be pressed during “a normals recovery”. But i only see the round trip which isnt a normal…any tips?


Well, there’s really not much too it. You do a normal, then you let go of round trip and press the button again really fast.

Obviously to do this outside of devil trigger the normal has to make contact with something. Not sure if you can empty cancel it during devil trigger and still keep the roundtrip charge (gonna go test this actually).

It’s really just practice, practice, practice. I can do it pretty consistently and it’s worth learning.


Can someone explain how to do the round trip glitch?

Do you just release L then press L again during the recovery of a normal?

Or do you have to release L and hold another button (M) right after to keep the charge?


i would like some clarification aswell.


You know when the game pauses when your normal makes contact with your opponent? That’s the time frame to release and repress the button. If Vergil’s hand is still glowing, you did it right.


Okay so i have to input it during the hitstun lag?

wait so lets say i do LMH, its blocked, i need to press L right when i hit him with the H, in the middle of the normals active frames(during the hitstun lag)?


First of all, you obviously need to already have a fully charged round trip.

What you’d want to do is LET GO of round trip AND then press it again during the hitstop of the st.H