Roundhouse loop



Yes, it is still possible though character specific and requires tight spacing and timing. How does it work? If you land a meaty jab, you’ll have an extra frame advantage on hit, this allows you to combo the roundhouse after the jab.

Who it works on?
Abel: - Close mp + far standing jab + round house - can only follow up with jab knockdown
Fei long: Pretty much as long as you land a far standing jab after the roundhouse and follow up with a meaty jab, you’ll do it.
Ryu: Same as fei, but far standing jab is harder to land. You can’t hit confirm it.
E Honda: Works pretty much no matter what although difficult to hit confirm into. You can do around three round houses in total and follow up with light jab + tatsu sweep.
Cody: Same as ryu and fei
Rufus: Slightly difficult to get spacing correct, but it does work.
Yun: Very hard to land the far standing jab after the round house due to his hit box being silly, most of the time you’ll end up with either a whiffed jab or close standing.
Yang: Same as Yun,
Adon: Same as E-Honda

Just try it out. These are all the characters I currently know it works on


Known since super


I would love to see this in a video Autoswitched.
by you of course :slight_smile: