router issues

im having problems with halo 3, saying my NAT is set at moderate, but i dont know how to change it

any advice?

You have to open the port on your firewall/router. I can tell you how to do it, but I need your router maker and model, ip address and to know which port is Halo3 using.

Same probleme when downloading torrents right?

no torrents work fine, and matchmaking is fine, just joining people

i switched some stuff up today, ill try it again when i have time

can you help me out … im having the same problem. i know my router is a WRT54G from linksys…
i lag alot sometimes… and im getting tired of connecting to my modem all the time just to play good.

that guide should pretty much cover the port forwarding, but something else you can do, for those experiencing lag, and have routers and share a connection, you might want to investigate QoS, or Qaulity of Service protocol, in your router, like the WRT54G you can apply priorites to packets you want to route first and route last, like putting your xbox ports on high, and your torrent ports on low, that way if someone is torrenting and you are trying to play the xbox at the same time it may effect your xbox gameplay less,

Also something to remember, in most cases you should never torrent while gaming, when torrenting your router or gateway is making several simultanious connections and your router can only handel so many before it starts to drop connections. which is bad for gaming.