DLinks suck. Linksyses suck. I’ve burned through 3 routers in one and a half years. They all crap out on me, and firmware updates/cleaning/etc. only does so much.

I know how to set up and maintain a router. What I don’t know is a good brand of consumer-level router. It has to:

  • Be wireless (DS/PSP FTW)
  • Let me set up MAC address filters (so that only select MAC addies can hit the net)
  • Have four ports (I can use a hub in a pinch, though)

Any advice on brands/makes/models?

i’ve always used linksys myself, but i guess it’s all about personal experience.

i guess the other big name router company you could try is netgear. if not that, then i know belkin makes a fairly good one as well, also buffalo.


I spent about 3 years with a SMC Barricade - #SMC2404WBR, it does all that. I’d still be using it, but my parents needed something, so it’s at their house now. Signal strength was always decent. It would work upstairs, in the garage, or outside on the deck. You can also do a transparent bridge with your connection and dummy up your modem to get out of a double NAT snafu. It’s pretty flexible for a residential router.

I think it was only 3 ports though.

Hmm… Linksys routers are good because you can hack them and use the DD-WRT 3rd party firmware which literally makes it turn into a $600 industrial router. Depends on the model though because some newer versions can’t be hacked with the full version of DD-WRT. But, if you don’t want to go through the process of modding your router I recommend a Buffalo which I’ve been using now. The WHR-HP-G54 and WHR-G54S are pretty good. They’re moddable as well. But, I never needed to mod it because it works fine for what I need to do. Never drops connection and has good signal. 4 ports. High gain antenna.

Linksys is the best, much better than the piles of crap dlink sells. Netgear is good as well.

I’ll be researching these recommendations. Thanks, everyone!

BULLSHIT. avoid at all costs stick with the new d-links trust me as you state they may haeve been headaches in the past for you however, due to it’s ease of installation, you’ll be set. and not only that, port forwarding is not that difficult as well.

ya, as far as port forwarding (minus all mods out there), i love my linksys as far as just how easy it is to do it. my friend’s netgear i kind of have to guide him through it every time one of his games needs a forwarded port.

like i said, i’ve always used my linksys and never had any problems, but i work in the retail business so i know that personall experience is everything when it comes to brands.

linksys is what I use and it’s been gUd to me still.

Linksys or Buffalo are my only choices.

All home-based equipment sucks.

That’s why you can get a router for 60 bucks at fry’s/walmart/whatever.

If you’re really upset with Dlink/netgear/smc/linksys/etc’s stuff, build one yourself using linux and IPChains!

Linksys but put openwrt on it instead of the firmware that it ships with

I agree with you, but:

a) Money is a factor, sadly;
b) I don’t have a spare box to slap linux on;
c) I’m very lazy.

Used to be a fanatic of IPCop and a seperate box for NATing. Got lazy plus even the “low power” PC I built still ate more power than a dedicated box.

Opted to try out this model and I’ve been happy so far. Also confirmed to have a 100mbit on the WAN side for those who have 10+ mbit downstream cable/FiOS.

I checked out a bunch of reviews on it, including screenies on its interface, and I gotta say I’m VERY impressed. It’s a touch expensive… but it might be worth the trouble. Thanks for the recommendation!

i use netgear stuff holds out strong so far so good

I’ve had linksys for a while, finally junked it cause of the constant network dropping issues and crap. I just bought a Netgear and am totally happy… check it out on



The router works well, no issues. Alot faster than my old router and hasnt dropped the network once. Looks cool to next to the switch on my desk, I have them vertical on the little stands. VERY cheap, and work 100% for my needs. Works with Xbox live too with no issues.

I’ve heard tons of really good things about the Dlink gaming router as well. I would have gotten it but I wanted to save some money, and the netgear one I bought solved all my problems and does its job well. I have 4 PCs, a laptop, and my xbox360 on the router/switch combo I have in the post above this one.

Just in case anyone was curious, I ended up going with the DGL-4300. So far, it’s been a dream. Let’s hope it stays that way. :tup: