Did a search… didn’t find anything.

I’m having problems connecting to some people over XBL and PSN. I have a cable connection with a Rogers and a D-Link 624 wireless Router, but I connect it to the systems via ethernet.

I think the problem is something to do with firewall. It just hangs in the ‘trying to connect’ screen, either for me if they’re hosting, or vice versa. I have tried to do port forwarding, but don’t know a huge amount about how it works, and don’t think I have static IP adresses… so I’m thinking it might be easier to just buy a new router.

So could you guys suggest a router that won’t have these same problems? It needs to have wireless, as well as at least 3 wired connections (PC, ps3, 360).

Thanks in advance.

Before you run out and buy a new router, try going to this link on

if you tell it which router you have and what service (xbl, psn, ect…) you’re trying to connect to, it will tell you step by step how to configure your router.

If you’re getting a new router, I use and recommend Linksys WRT54GL. Make sure its the one with the “L” on the end when you buy it, that means its running linux firmware and can be upgraded to many different types of third-party firmware which open op a world of potential.

Hope this helps,