Routine or best way to learn charge character?


this is alos my first 2 years on stick and being back into fighting games where i play them every single day. i can throw booms but i can’t really do much combos with him stuck on trial 2


At this point for you not being able to do trial 2 it’s just practice with the motions and getting comfortable doing them. Just sit there doing the combo/move until you start to get it. That’s how it is with basically any execution in fighting game… Just do it over and over again.

Once you can do something 8 times out of 10 in an actual match, you can consider it effectively mastered.


You will want to take it step by step. Charge characters can have more of a learning curve than non-charge characters.

Practice getting the motion of charging down, which it seems like you’re doing. Then practice the moves themselves. What you don’t want to do is try to learn the moves and the combos. Practice the moves, which will also give you practice in getting the motion down and then go into the combos. Once you feel like you got the movements down, then go into the combos.


I can finally do flip kick into super even add in a mp with it lol


Keep at it and take your time.