Rouzu's First TE Stick

Just got my first TE Stick. i was reluctant to get it at first because the price was high and I thought a pad, might actually be a better alternative since that’s all I’ve been using since I’ve been playing games, mostly. I think i might’ve been right. I don’t see how some of you say it gives you better precision. I’m trying to do some of Viper’s trials right now and it seems like I’m getting less accuracy than more.

What the deal man? Should I keep this and give it time or should I sell it?

Give it time, yo. I just got mine, as well, and I’ve been going at it damn near every night for a week, and it’s starting to feel way better than using a pad. Just takes time.

Take a break.

No matter how comfortable your grip is you can still get fatigued. I’ve noticed that after a while I stop doing motions and start just wiggling the stick a little.

Otherwise maybe try a different grip. It took me almsot 3 weeks before I found a grip that worked best for me.

i think it helped me alot. i couldn’t complete a lot of those trials but now i have all the normal ones done and i m working on the hard ones. but it’s more of taking the time to get used to it.

I started using a stick for the first time when SF4 came out last year. It took me about a week to get used to it but my game had gotten better. I have a better variety of moves and combos at my disposal and I just feel more in control.

Hey I am in the same boat as you. I got my first stick, not just my first Te and it has been 3 months for me to start gtting used to it. Give it time and practice practice practice!!!

3 months? Errr.

lol everybodies pace is different. You just gotta get use to it like you said yourself its your first one.

I used to only use the standard system controllers for whatever I was playing :shake: . I decided to splurge and finally get a TE. I was so excited to receive it that I took off work the day it was to arrive.

Upon hooking it up, it was like I went from Ok to retarded. I was just so damned slow. Even doing the basic hadoken input was a 25% chance of performing correctly. I couldn?t believe how bad it truly was at first. I had to keep forcing myself on and off the rest of that day to keep playing. Considering the amount of money I just shelled out too, it was depressing.

But I stuck with it, and after a week or so I finally felt like I was a lot better than I ever could have been with a controller. 2 months down the line, I don?t think I could ever play another fighting game without a fightstick. It then made the game less about trying to perform a move and a lot more about strategy, and I don’t look at any of the old fighters the same. It’s definitely gotten me more hooked playing fighters.

As everyone before me has stated, everyone goes at their own pace. Just keep at it. People buy and recommend them for a reason. Good luck to you.

It took me 2 days of like an hour each day to get used to it. My grip just came naturally and I’m naturally a fast learner. Everyone has their own pace

one thing you dont want to do is go back to the pad.
for me it seems like every time i go back to using the pad
my skill on the stick diminishes. there are probably people
out there that can use a stick and a pad but im not one of them…

I siwtch back and forth on occasion so I can stay up on both. I put off from using my stick since the last time I made this thread. I just started using it again last week and i’m getting pretty good at it, but for some reason my stick just after a week of playing, seems like it’s gotten flimsy. I’m talking about the actual joystick here.

my real problem is trying to do cancels with Viper. It was very easy for me to do them on a pad with the exception of HTK cancel, but with the arcade’s button layout, it feels awkward to do.
I’m not really sure how I should set the button config actually. I have square set for lp, triangle for mp, r1 for all punches l1 for heavy punch x for lk o for mk r2 for hk and l2 for heavy kick.

The reason I have it set up like that is because I find it easier to cancel MTK with all punches being right beside it to cancel it out, but with this it makes LTK harder to cancel and I have to do a weird spread with my index and ring finger to cancel it, majority of the time I get an EX-TK to come out. The timing for that is strict. Having all three punches on l1 would be disastrous as I would have to spread my fingers immensely with it. The only benefit I’m seeing here is finally being able to do HTK cancel as I couldn’t do it on my Dualshock 3 as L2 was set for HP while L1 was all punches and it made it awkward to do.

I also got a Juri fightpad. It seems a little worse than the Dualshock 3 to me. Doing SJC BK’s isn’t as flowing with it and the controller is uncomfortably small, I expected it to be big to go along with my hands.

I’d say just give up. No reason for putting time in and working hard for accomplishment.


this belongs in a blog instead of tech forums.

Yeah it took me 3 months because I work too much and some days you don’t wanna play… YOU just want to sleep

check to make sure that the top switch (the one below the “Lock guide button” switch), is set to the middle on your TE stick.

^^Oh, that’s why you think it might feel loose? Let me check

Back I didn’t really notice any difference . Are there any suggestions for button layout maybe from other Viper players?

I used to be a pad player until SFIV was released. I got the TE stick and it just did not feel right for a while but now I would not even attempt playing a fighter without my stick. What really helps is to go in the training room and repetitively do the moves of you character over and over again until you get all the timing correct and can do the moves quickly and accurately.

I had a nice about 20 game losing streak going when I got my first TE, but I was trying to learn how to use a stick and a new character (Chun Li) at the same time. I would say it took a couple of weeks for me to get really used to the stick, and I’m a pretty bad player. Just use the dead time between Vanilla and Super to get your chops up, I bet you will catch on right quick.