RowTron Team

I would like to ask for some help/advice…

My most troublesome match is vs psy I supose… and runaway to the death

and my final question is… does worth to train like hell in that team?

A lot of the stuff you learn with Rowtron is applicable to other teams - i.e. Magneto rushdown/guard-breaking/resetting, Cable keep-away, Sent rushdown/keep-away/guard-breaking/FF combos etc. etc.

Play with other teams, but you don’t really lose out by concentrating on any one specific team.

mmm well… tryed… but Rowtrons cable is too different u know… no AAA… and as i told u… hard time vs psy too… and sent in line is a little weak… cause strong assists for him i guess r capcom n storm…

I only answered your last question, and Cable serves as the AAA in team Rowtron.

Specifically with Row (starting Magnus) vs psy assist I generally try to bait out Psylocke and then counter-call with the assist of your choice. Also, I try to stay mobile with Magneto on Row and look for any openings or setups I can try. Another thing you can try, if you think you can rush their point char with your Magneto 1 on 1, then counter call Cable on Psylocke because this will give you a couple open seconds where they can’t call out Psy in defense.

Search out and find vids of Rowtron playing his team. There’s a reason why the team is named after him. You can also search for vids of Justin playing team Row for another example. So basicallly there are plenty examples out there for team Row’s matchups.

Can anyone else provide some insight with this team? I myself really enjoy playing Row and would like to learn more about it from experienced players.

funnest team in the game imo, but storm with full character lead kills it so bad.

Start sentinel if you can’t handle starting Mags against MSP. Bait her out if you can, beam + mag assist xx fly away or unfly beam again. Cable with those two assists can be very effective, jumping fp + mag assist is decent zoning, and you can punish a blocked trijump by calling sent and pushblocking. There’s more stuff, post if interested.

secret with row is cable’s aaa :-x one of the best tracking aaa’s on the game and is a big help against msp. u get ghetto mind games or good amount of meter every time it hits, so if u can utilize effectiveness of cable’s aaa everytime it hits then that is a big part in making row…play like a good row, dun feel like typin much more, thas a biggie tho i think many people miss out on and dont understand

yeah, im gonna start using this team since its so well-balanced. But i wanna use Rowtron-drones. Not Rowtron-Sent-A. anybody use this any good advice is helpful.

I wanted to use drones because my magneto sucks ass and he needs more coverage if he is gonna rush and also itll help my cable so i can runaway too. :tup:

Use reverse ROW against msp u’ll fight it better. The Msp player wants to get close to u and if u start mag u need to get close to do damage, obviously by doing that your making the msp player’s job easier. Starting sent u will be making the msp player work more since u have sent + mag (proj) and Cable (AA). Try it see wat works best for u…

Its uncommon to find videos of reverse rowtron… i … like… get a little confused… I have to play more turtle or what?

Its not really turtling but playing safe, i have some videos of Demise vs Me and he uses reverse ROW vs my MSS. They were some fun casual matches taken about 6 months ago, if you want them hit me up on aim " RemixisToxic ":tup:

but then a good formation vs scrub or santrax is magcablesent?

it depends vs scrub start mag and thrax its tough depending on who they start. if they start storm its not gonna be in mags favor this depends on how good ur mags is, so its up to you. If they start sent and you are confident in ur sent u should start him imo.

jswut one thing, which r the bad match ups of magneto then? in rowtron team.

Magneto can’t fight storm very effectively if she has Sent ground backing her cause it limits your tri jumo oppertunities. Plus if you get hit even once in like the first 30 seconds by a launcher you can beat your ass magneto is gona die or be really fucked up and if he does die here comes cable with like maybe 2 meters but he will be fighting Sentinel which kinda puts cable at an advantage aslong as he doesn’t let sent get ontop of him cause then he is limited to looking for a normal jump jab gun into hyper that or super jumping out is the only other option to geting stomped the fuck out of.

Then who serves as the AAA when Cable is on point?

Well… cable in that team isnt complet… the cable player in that case must be good enought to deal withouth sent-G/AAA. Cable dont NEED AAA assist… .but help I know…