Anyone who has experience with this stick?

Yup I have one. I only bought it to examine the control panel switching tech they used. Very simple. I modded it right away with Sanwa buttons for both panels.

Stock, it’s actually quite good. I like the stock stick a LOT! I kept it in my modded one. It’s VERY short through with a metal restrictor. Stock buttons are of typical quality found in Sega or Hori sticks.

Swapping is easy and so is modding.

I personally think it’s the best stock stick (without real arcade parts) that I’ve played on. And that’s including the Namco Grey/Yellow. But that might just be me.


If you buy it you can say that you only play on 'roids…

I was waiting for someone to say something like this. :lol:

Paik4life, would it be easy to swap both the stick and the buttons with seimitsu parts on the roid stick?

paik pls post some inside pics of the stick sometime cos ive never seen any online

when Paik says a stock stick is good, ITS GOOD o_O
Worst stick snob ever!

<3 Paik