RPG Maker XP/XV Creation Thread

So after a while of being a lazy ass bum. I’m back on grizzy, and getting back to throwing the down the stepping stones of my aspiring dream of becoming an aspiring game developer. So at first I was using the XP but I am prepared to start using the newest version. So I got to relearn the script function, and all the detailed bullshit to get on where I last left off due to using the demo version, and I lost all my information. It was a very sad day for me. I spent countless hours only to have it blow up in my face.

So once again I’m back on the road. Has anyone got any tips, contributions, or suggestions on how to work rpg maker?

The name of the game I’m making is called Flow: Undisturbed dealing with a young woman named Flow that is basically a feminine version of my favorite anime character Gutts. The way I visualize on the battlefield she looks fine as hell, but she is basically a psychopath. I need to get one of my homeboys to draw some concept of her so I can show you how she looks. Since I have a scanner/printer now I just got yesterday I will update the info to show you the game. Since I want this game to be an actual series this I’m making in the RPG Maker will be my 1st draft, but definitely along the lines of me being satisfied I will try to copyright it so it belongs to me.

Discuss. Anything is welcome.:wgrin:

I am basically a master of RPG Maker programs, if you need help let me know.

Thank you it’s much appreciated.


Probably my biggest project in any of them, was a game made in RPG Maker 2003, that simulated turn based Civilization, however, instead of a Civilization, you were just a kingdom, defending yourself from various enemies in 1 on 1 combat. It had support for random weather generation (which would affect certain statistics), random day by day event generation, religions (which would affect certain factors, buildings, technologies etc), tech tree (up to 10 tiers), unit creation (3 types: a citizen (which is what you start with) which can branch out to a Worker (example: Construction Worker, which repairs your buildings each turn), or a Military Unit (example: Solider)), buildings (~30 of them, each with their own unique upgrades and features), upgrades, a realistic food & agriculture system that would kill your soldiers/workers/citizens if there wasn’t enough food after awhile, turn based combat (using 3 damage types: Ground, Air, Sea vs 3 defense types: Ground/Air/Sea), a Happiness System (that would make people revolt etc), a Taxes system (guess), etc.

It was fairly robust for what it was, however there was just too much going on. It was either super laggy or you had about 20389129038129039012390812 numbers flying all around you.

Right now I’m working on an interesting game in RMVX, which I shall post about later.


Here’s some stuff from a ninjutsumaster guy from Gfaqs while I was looking up some tips on how to use this version.

The game plays pretty good.

After using VX I kinda noticed they scrubbed it down from the last version. No more multiple tiers now. haha. But I can adapt. I need to learn how to work the scripts, variables, and switches because I still don’t understand what they do. I just do the events without even experimenting with it. So it be nice to know what they are for.

Variables and switches are completely easy to learn.

A switch is akin to a light switch, it’s either off or on.

An example of a simple treasure chest event (mind you, there is a thing in VX to do this for you but…)

Event Graphic: Treasure Chest
Action on Key (or whatever VX calls it, so that the event does stuff when you hit enter facing it)
Message: The treasure chest contained a Potion!
Change Graphic: Open Treasure Chest
Add Item: Potion
Change Switch 001: Chest 1 to ON

Then on page 2, you set Switch 001 in the check box…
Event Graphic: Open Treasure Chest
Action on Key
Message: The treasure chest is opened.

Easy as hell.

Variables are like variables in math. They can stand for anything and can serve a multitude of purposes. A sample of what you can do with variables:
-A number guessing game (higher/lower)
-Anything dealing with random numbers or math

You can also use Variables to store certain numbers (amount of Gold your party has) for display in a message with a special message command (/v [variable] or something like that)

oh okay I see. Well when I wake back up I’ll fuck around with that.

IMO, If your pretty rusty with the RPG Maker series, unless you really like using Ruby, I suggest you start of with RM2K/RM2K3. It’s much simpler to make an RPG with those two.

not really…?

RMVX is better than RMXP to make a game in tho.

Finding + using scripts in RMXP/RMVX is about as easy as it could be. They’re just another resource really. Can’t make your own? Go find some!