RPG's for the PS3

Besides all the great fighting games coming out for PS3; I was curious if anyone knew about any RPG’s or strategy tactics type based games coming out.

And I know about Final Fantasy 13 and 13 versus. I’m looking for a little bit more to make me dish out the money for this system.

Atlus announced that they’re releasing Disgaea 3 for NA in August of this year, that’s a good SRPG series; White Knight Story from Level 5 looks pretty interesting too

Does Folklore count as an RPG?

I only played the demo and I thought that was pretty good.

I’d say it’s more action than RPG, hybrid at best, you can change outfits to get some type of bonus but there’s no stat allocation/level ups if you don’t count the souls you can power up. Still, it’s a pretty fun game.

thats all… hmm. Im trying to compare. Cause the 360 has Blue Dragon and now lost Odessy

The guys who made Dragon Quest VIII, Dark Cloud, and Rogue Galaxy are working on an RPG for the PS3 called White Knight Chronicles.

wow that game looks pretty awesome

can you afford the system first?

This is definitely one of the reasons holding me back on getting the PS3 at the moment. They are really lagging on RPG games. I’ll no doubt get it before SC4 comes out though. Plus, I wouldn’t mind a blu-ray player at the moment.

But yeah, I don’t really know of any RPG games that are coming out besides the ones mentioned so far. I don’t like games like RPGs like Elder Scrolls though, those bore me.

theres a game called enchanted arms its not ps3 exclusive.

no im looking for exclusive only but thanks.

If exclusive RPGs are your thing then you should have bought a 360.

Mass Effect(also on PC)
Eternal Sonata(timed)
Blue Dragon
Lost Odyssey
Fable 2
New Tales game(maybe timed)

PS3 has
FFXIII and v13
White Night
Folklore(already released)

Yeah. . .

FF13, white knight, persona 4, disgaea 3

eternal sonata is due for a fall release i think

star ocean 4 is proly gonna be on the ps3 also

Chaos Wars

Tears to Tiara

Mass Effect 2+3 possibly

If you want Japanese rpg’s then get a PS3. If you like American style (Mass Effect, Oblivion, Fable 2) then get a 360. PS3 is lacking right now in the games but that will soon change. With the rising popularity of the PS3, more developers will sway more 2 the PS3. Especially since the 360 is a complete bust in Japan. Why make japanese rpg’s for an usupported American console?

Persona 4 = PS2. I forgot about Disgaea 3. . .

you sure? well i know that there’s a megaten game announced for ps3.

i also forgot that valkyria game

I’m positive they said PS2. Things could change, but it’s a PS2 title. (not like it matters since it’ll play on a PS3 sans the 40gb version)