RPG's You've Been Wanting To Play


I’ve been pretty bored with RPGs for awhile, but lately I’ve gotten the bug for tactical ones, and the Shin Megami Tensei series.

I have no idea why, but this game captivates me.


Probably the whole underground ice cavern theme.

And Dark Spire.


Too bad I don’t have a DS or PSP.

It’s weird how more reputable RPG series have been flooding handhelds instead of consoles lately. Don’t get me wrong, consoles are still represented, but I don’t know. Too stuck in my non-online game playing ways I guess.

Still wish my Dragon Quest VIII disk didn’t freeze.


i’m playing Okami right now. had the game for a couple years but never played it.



Honestly, SMT: Strange Journey isn’t as good as I had anticipated it to be. It gets old quickly with the first-person dungeon crawling with all those I’ve played on NDS to begin with.

Personally, I wish I could play Tales of Vesperia but it’s 360 only.

Persona 4, but I haven’t finished P3:FES just yet.

Tales of Destiny PS2 Remake

EDIT: Crap, I didn’t notice the massive bump <_>.