Rsigley if I make you an av will you wear it


Dear Rsigley,

Your posts look bare without a pretty picture within it

I can make you a custom avatar that will show both class and awesomeness to all whom view it.




Here is how I thought we could incorporate your handle

As you no doubt can see I have replaced the s (S) in your name with a dollar sign ($) this is to denote your lucrative lifestyle

Of course with SRK’s size restriction you understand it wont be that big


awww, and you made it in his favorite color. :love:


Mr. Palm

Here is your requested avatar


it is nice but no thanks

no avatars are the future and i hope everyone remembers i was in on the ground floor first


This goes in the IMM section of the forums. I’ll point you to the forum rules if you need be reminded of how things are done around here.


like i would ever read IMM or read my PMs


no wonder you from canada and like SNK games


I’ll report you to the mods now for trolling. Stop breaking the rules you agreed to follow when you joined the forums. You are a forum veteran and should be a leading example for all new members.


Man you may as well call us Steven Seagal since we Above the Law


The proper authorities have been contacted. You have been warned.


Subscribed and nominated!


ShinAkuma calling out rsigley and Boel for trolling. In related news, the sun also came up today.



But how else am I supposed to make presumptions about whose posts I’m reading? With rep and join dates gone, avatars represent a dwindling resource.


damn bunch of salty bitches in here trying to raise a niggas blood pressure


Thats nice, I’m gonna have to use that line sometime if the opportunity ever shows itself :lol:


yo dont be fronting ya no its good dawg


(For realsies though: Gangsters are cool!)


Rep for article


You are very considerate, Boel.


If the Bolester made me an avatar, I would wear it proudly. I appreciate his talents and efforts, unlike other forum members.


yeastcoast imo